ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” ends today

The collection of signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids” will end today at midnight, one year after its inception. While the latest report, which dates back to the beginning of February, indicated that by then “more than 600.000” had been collected, it is entirely possible, if not likely, that, thanks to a strong mobilisation in the last weeks, the threshold of overall 1. million signatures will have been surpassed, once all on-line and paper signatures are counted together. This would make “Mum, Dad and Kids” only the fourth (out of around 60) such European Citizens’ Initiatives to cross that threshold, and oblige the EU’s institutions, notably the European Commission and the European Parliament, to provide a meaningful follow-up to the initiative’s proposal to  adopt new legislation that would, for the purposes of EU law, clarify that “marriage” is a union between one man and one woman, and that “family” relations are based on marriage and/or descent.

It remains, however, to be seen how the European Commission will deal with the success of this pro-family initiative, towards which it has shown a very hostile attitude right from the beginning.