CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life

The Council of Europe’s “Human Rights Commissioner” Nils Muižnieks (a former director of the Soros Foundation) has claimed that Ireland’s 2013 Abortion Act is still too restrictive and has a “chilling” effect on doctors who must decide who meets its requirements.

Mr Muižnieks made his criticisms of Ireland’s abortion law in a report covering a range of human rights issues in Ireland.

“Culturally, politically, socially, Ireland has changed significantly and I think that is not reflected in the current regime,” he said, thus hinting that in his view the law should be defined on the basis of changing social attitudes rather than solid ethical considerations. Mr Muižnieks recommended that “at a very minimum”, the Irish government should decriminalise abortion “within reasonable gestational limits” and widen the law to allow for abortion in cases of “fatal foetal abnormality”, rape or incest. Read between the lines: the less legal restrictions there are on baby-killing, the better.

The Iona Institute said that Mr Muižnieks’ report is not binding and has “about as much legal weight as a feather”. Iona’s Dr Angelo Bottone pointed out that the opinion “is totally unsupported by the Council of Europe’s main judicial institution, the European Court of Human Rights.”

George Soros’s “Open Society Foundation” has recently been discovered to have illegally funded the campaign to abolish the constitutional right to life for unborn children under Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution. The anti-life activities of the so-called “Human Rights Commissioner”, who in his earlier career was prominently involved in the Soros-Foundation as a Programme Director, shhould therefore surprise no one. The post on which he currently is serving is a political appointment, for which genuine respect for human rights is not a requirement.