Hungary: pro-aborts punished for hate speech

Last April pro abortion activists held a demonstration in front of the Polish Embassy in Budapest, with one of them dressing up as a bishop, conducting a mock Holy Mass, and concluding by handing out abortion pills as “Holy Communion”. Those receiving the pills repeated the words “Body of Christ”.

To identify a deadly abortifacient as the body of Christ and to mock a sacrament of the Catholic Church is a very grave insult against Christianity. And obviously it was intended as such.

More than 12 thousand people signed a CitizenGO petition demanding an official apology.
Article IX of the Hungarian Constitution protects freedom of expression, but this is limited by Article IX(5): “The right to freedom of speech may not be exercised with the aim of violating the dignity of the Hungarian nation or of any national, ethnic, racial or religious community. Persons belonging to such communities shall be entitled to enforce their claims in court against the expression of an opinion which violates the community, invoking the violation of their human dignity, as provided for by an Act.”
Yesterday a complaint brought by a group of pro-life activists was heard and upheld by a court in 2nd instance, finding that the pro-aborts had severely violated the human dignity of the Christian community, and condemning them to issue an apology, remove their video from the Internet, and pay 2.000 EUR in lieu compensation and all the expenses of the procedure. The decision is final, as there is no possibility to appeal.