Brexit: now it gets really nasty

border-667933.jpgAccording to a report  in the Financial Times, EU leaders have prepared for the Summit they are holding today in Brussels a statement according which Northern Ireland would be welcome to “seamlessly rejoin the bloc after Brexit in the event of a vote for Irish reunification”, following the model of the eastern part of Germany after the country’s reunification in 1990.

Whatever sympathy one may have, or not have, for Irish reunification, this declaration, if it is adopted, is nothing short of an overt encouragement for Northern Ireland, and indirectly also Scotland, to leave the United Kingdom – a diplomatic aggression comparable to the way in which Clemenceau and Wilson encouraged various nations to revolt against the Habsburg Empire during the First World War, or to Khadaffi’s proposal to divide up Switzerland between her neighbours, or to Russia’s support of secessionist movements in Ukraine, Moldova, or Georgia.

With irresponsible statements such as this, the Brexit process could soon go out of control, and perhaps even degenerate into an armed conflict.