The newest “human right” sought by the LGBT-lobby: lesbian cross-fertilization

procreation-in-vitro-les-17-meilleurs-centres-francaisThere appears to be no perversion of sex and human procreation that the LGBT-lobby will not seek to promote – and in which they would not expect the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to happily lend a hand.

The newest “human right” that the sex-perverts hope to see recognized is the right to legal recognition of a “shared lesbian motherhood”, engineered by two lesbian women of which one had one of her oocytes fertilized in vitro with the sperm of an unknown “donor” and implanted into the womb of her same-sex life partner.

According to German law, the legal mother of a child is (only) the woman who gave birth.  It should be noted out that under German law, same-sex couples do not have access to assisted reproductive treatment (ART), egg donation is prohibited and that gametes donors do not benefit from legal maternity/paternity recognition. However, thanks to one of the ECtHR’s most aberrant decisions, X and Others v. Austria, so-called “step-child is permitted in Germany since 2014, so that the second applicant has in the meantime adopted the child to which her partner in perversion has given birth. This adoption allows her to have all parental rights and obligations. Nevertheless, the applicants have filed a complaint to the ECtHR (R.F. and Others v. Germany) , claiming that the refusal to recognize double motherhood would constitute “discrimination” on the basis of “sexual orientation” and a violation of their right and right of the child to private and family life.

Given the ECtHR’s track record in deliberately misinterpreting and overstretching the “Right to Respect for Family Life”, one must fear the worst for the outcome of this case.