Homosexuals in California not allowed to have access to therapies

Bad news for sodomites in California who want to free themselves from their (often undesired) inclination: the US Supreme Court apparently wants them to remain enslaved to their vice, declining to hear a challenge against a Californian law that prohibits therapies aiming at liberating people from their homosexuality from being offered to persons under the age of 18 years. The reasons for this decision have not been made public.

In California, where the LGBT-lobby is particularly influential, the law has been enacted in order to prevent young people who have been freshly recruited into the LGBT from learning the truth about sodomy as well as from being helped in freeing themselves from this self-destructive vice. The recruitment strategy typically consists in telling young and influenceable people  that they have an innate and unalterable homosexual “orientation” that would make it “normal”, and even healthy, for them to engage in sexual abuse and self-abuse. Perversely, the Californian law-givers find it acceptable for young people to be exposed to such dangerous propaganda, and unacceptable for them to have a chance to learn about opposing views and make their own judgment.

As the “LGBT community” is always out to recruit new, in particular young, followers, this iniquitous restriction of the freedom of speech and information is one of the cornerstones of their agenda.