Trump expected to sign Executive Order that (at least partially) restores freedom of conscience

There are various, and diverging, reports in American media that US President Trump will today sign an executive order that would restore the freedom of conscience and religion in the US, a fundamental right that currently is severely curtailed by sweeping so-called “anti-discrimination” rules that are used by sodomites and pro-sodomy activists to harass their fellow citizens, in particular religious believers.

The reports diverge with regard to the scope of the planned order. While some sources say it will be broadly identical to the draft that was leaked in February and has unleashed very aggressive reactions from the sodomy-community, others say it will be somewhat less ambitious.

While sodomites have been very successful in portraying themselves as a “minority” in need of extra protections, practical experience has shown that laws that were adopted with a purpose of protecting them were soon used by them into tools to harass, humiliate, and persecute everyone else. Indeed, it has become apparent that many committed sodomites love forcing others, especially those whom they know to have religious or philosophical convictions that are critical of sodomy, to become complicit in the celebration of their sexual aberrations. They therefore systematically pick Christian bakers, florists, photographers, etc. to have them cater for their perverse “weddings”, targeting them with frivolous lawsuits.

The bad experience that the US have made with this so-called “anti-discrimination” legislation can be a warning example for Europe, where the European Union is consistently trying to impose such laws on its Member States.