Two days of “official” gay promotion at the European Parliament

IDAHOT-MEMES-02-840x1024At a time of backlash by citizens against liberal ideologies being imposed on them by unelected EU bureaucrats, the unelected bureaucrats of the European Parliament’s personnel department have decided to subject their colleagues to two days of gay promotional activities, under the guise of the pseudo “International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT_2017)”

According to the innocently-named “Equality and Diversity Unit” of the EP administration, “IDAHOT provides the opportunity to bring the importance of this subject to the forefront and highlights the challenges ahead in order to reach full equality amongst all.”

Meanwhile, according to the official website of this LGBT (Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian) lobby, IDAHOT is “a worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversities”. In other words, these gender ideologists want us all do “celebrate” perverse, dangerous and unhealthy sexual practices, while revelling in the destruction of the family as the basis of stable societies. The website, replete with pornographic and erotic imagery, asks viewers to donate money to “support the worldwide LGBT movement”.

So what is a bunch of unelected officials doing wasting EU taxpayers money promoting this extremist ideology on behalf of an LGBT lobby that has no official status at either EU or international level? IDAHOT is one massive exercise in deception, invented by the gay lobby in 2004 as a way to gain public acceptance for their unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Ironically, the previous day – 15 May – happened to be a genuine “International Day”, and not a fake LGBT propaganda one. That date has been designated by the UN as the The International Day of Families, proclaimed as such in 1989 by a resolution of the United National General Assembly. Naturally, Parliament’s “Equality and Diversity Unit” decided not to mark that official day, preferring to collaborate with an extremist lobby hell-bent on destroying the family.


Agenda of the LGBT extremists at the European Parliament:

“To mark IDAHOT 2017, the Equality and Diversity Unit (DG PERS) together with the Council of Europe will organise two events in Strasbourg:

  • 16th May at 13:00: Attend the ‘Rainbow Choir’ Pelicanto Group (Choeur des Gays, Lesbiennes, Bi et de leurs Ami-e-s d’Alsace) performance in the Council of Europe (Committee of Ministers Foyer, see attached map). The event will open with a speech from Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, with Vice-Presidents Ms Lunacek and Mr Papadimoulis closing the event. Colleagues in Brussels and Luxembourg can watch the event afterwards via video on demand on the intranet.
  • 17th May from 9:00 until 16:00: Visit the information stand in the EP’s Espace canal, displaying documents and material prepared by the Council of Europe, DG Personnel, COPEC, the LGBTI intergroup and the association ‘Egalité’ (Equality for LGBTI+ in the EU Institutions).”