Alleged torturing of homosexuals in Chechnya is fake news, prominent US human rights expert says

d9ccedf1-d3a1-4b62-a4ad-a9a997f06f31_w1023_r1_sThere is absolutely no doubt among international human rights experts that the human rights situation is Chechnya, a Republic located on the northern side of the Caucasus that belongs to the Russian Federation, is generally very dire. Nevertheless, allegations concerning the torturing and murdering of homosexuals that have been widely spread by the Russian Newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” are very probably fake news, according to renowned Harvard Professor Bruce Leimsidor.

According to a report in the Austrian daily Der Standard, allegations about a “torture camp for homosexuals” have turned out to be demonstrably false. Prof. Leimsidor is concerned that such false allegations might have a counter-productive effect in a predominantly Muslim society where after years of civil war the inclination towards violence (affecting not only homosexuals) is generally very high.