Ireland: sodomite wants to take over

leo_2In stark contrast to the whining of the LGBT-lobby, the influence of openly professed sexual perverts seems to keep increasing in the EU, securing them a share of political power that by far exceeds their numbers. While Berlin and Paris were the first major cities to have openly sodomite politicians as mayors, Germany had a gay foreign minister, the early-deceased Guido Westerwelle, who caused considerable embarassment by taking his “partner” (not “spouse”, as Germany does not provide for sodo-“marriage”) along on his diplomatic missions. Luxembourg was the first country to have a sodo-“married” Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel.

Now it’s Ireland’s turn. Leo Varadkar, the Minister for Social Protection, is clearly the media favourite to take over the Fine Gael (EPP) party leadership from Taoiseach Enda Kenny who announced his resignation Wednesday. ​Varadkar is openly gay, living with his “domestic partner” and played a major role in Ireland’s referendum on same sex “marriage” two years ago. When he was Minister for Health in the last government, he pledged to end “discrimination against LGBT persons” by the Irish health services who up to then had banned blood donations from practicing homosexuals as a safety measure in order to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS infections for the recipients of donated blood. If he gets elected Fine Gael leader on 2 June he would almost certainly become Taoiseach by a vote in the Irish parliament and is likely to push a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution which currently protects the life of the unborn.

Certain media would be delighted that Ireland had finally “come of age” and “liberated themselves from the tyranny of the Catholic Church” by having an openly gay head of government. They have been drooling over the prospect for months…