Set-back for sodomites?

4df2f42e796f15a5ff09138b710f53b8While sexual deviants from all corners of Europe are today meeting in Brussels to exhibit themselves and their various sexual “orientations” in a so-called “Pride event” (what is there to be proud about? By the same logic, will we soon see the first “cancer pride”, “obesity prid”, “burn-out pride” or “alzheimer pride” marches appearing on our streets???),, a bizarre media outlet with a strong focus on all things LGBT, has published a commentary in which – quoting extensively from propaganda material distributed by the fake “non-governmental” group ILGA Europe – it is bemoaning that “most EU States” are “drifting backwards on LGBT rights”.

Is this really so? One would like to get more details. But certainly, when society has been heading in the wrong direction for many years, turning back is the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong in that.