Gender-Science debunks Gender-Ideology

symbole-fuer-das-maennliche[1]In these times of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, where supporters of a science-based world view find it necessary to organize a street protest against anti-scientific ideologies, the most obviously anti-scientific ideology is the one known as “Gender-Ideology”: the notion that the differences between men and women are not biological, but go back only to socially imposed “gender stereotypes”.

Serious-minded scienctific research in the meantime is producing more and more evidence how deeply rooted the differences between the sexes really are. According to a new paper published in BMC Biology, scientists have found out that although men and women are equipped with the same genes, there are enormous differences between the sexes regarding how these genes are activated: “Men and women have almost identical genomes but are distinctly dimorphic, with dissimilar disease susceptibilities. Sexually dimorphic traits mainly result from differential expression of genes present in both sexes. Such genes can be subject to different, and even opposing, selection constraints in the two sexes. This can impact human evolution by differential selection on mutations with dissimilar effects on the two sexes.”

In other words, men and women not only have different sexual organs, but the difference between male and female affects every single body cell.