Hypocrisy: sodomite MEPs rail against Romanian marriage referendum

2015-11-11_2The European Parliament’s Sodomy Lobby, also known as “LGBT Intergroup”, appears to have a purely instrumental attitude towards democracy. When, back in 2015, Ireland held a constitutional referendum to introduce sodo-“marriage”, the group was not at all critical against such a referendum being held, but on the contrary welcomed the fact that “the first time that equal marriage has been adopted through a referendum.” But now, as more than 3 million Romanian citizens have supported a petition for a constitutional amendment that would enshrine the correct and natural understanding of marriage, namely that of a union between a man and a woman, into the country’s constitution, the sodomite MEPs have changed their views, adopting an overtly anti-democratic attitude:they have published an open letter to Romanian Members of Parliament, pressuring them to block the democratic process. The constitutional process would require the proposed amendment to be subject to a popular referendum – but rather than asking people to vote against the proposed amendment, the Sodomy Lobby simply wants to prevent the referendum from taking place: apparently democracy is a good thing only when it can be used to promote the LGBT Agenda, but not when it is used to protect the dignity of marriage and family against aberrant “equality” claims of people with abnormal sexual behaviours.

In their oppen letter, the Sodo-MEPs argue that the proposed amendment “is most surprising, as same-sex couples are already forbidden to marry through the provisions of the standing Civil Code, which also prohibits the recognition of same-sex civil marriages or partnerships legally entered into abroad.” This is bogus, as the Civil Code does not “prohibit” anyone from marrying, but in fact allows everyone to marry. What displeases the Sodomy Lobby is that the Civil Code defines marriage correctly, i.e. in line with the procreative purpose of marriage rather than in accordance with some fashionable whims of a loud pressure group.

The letter goes on by alleging that “the referendum would further incite discrimination against families in their various forms which already exist in Romanian society”. What this really says is that the correct definition of marriage and family is a “discrimination” of all those who are not married, or who do not constitute a family. By the same token, every and any definition could be framed as a “discrimination”.

The letter is also garnished with some preposterous statements according which sodo-“marriage” is a “human right” for “real families”, or that supporting the correct understanding of marriage could be interpreted as “condoning human rights violation”. By using human rights related language in this absurd way, the authors of the letters themselves become guilty of undermining and perverting the concept of human rights as a whole, putting the victims of real human rights abuses on the same level as sexual perverts.

It is shocking and astonishing that elected “representatives of the people” could have written such a letter, which only evidences the level of moral and intellectual aberrance to which the authors have slided down: for them, the rationalization of their sexual perversions enjoy precedence over every other consideration, including over democracy itself.

The Sodo-MEPs letter shows nothing but their utter disrespect for basic democracy, and for the 3 million citizens who are worried about the way in yhich a closed and self-centered political and media elite has been able to manipulate the meaning of marriage in other coutries, including through apparent misuses of judiciary powers, such as by the US Supreme Court. The petition and subsequent (hopefully equally successful) referendum is the only defence ordinary Romanian citizens have against such disgusting manipulations, and they must be allowed to use these means of defence if democracy  is not to become meaningless.