Citizens’ Initiative “Mum, Dad and Kids” claims to have collected more than one million signatures


LOGO horizontalThe European citizen’s initiative “Mum, Dad & Kids”, which is campaigning for the inclusion of the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman into EU law, has finally released a statement in which it claims to have collected more than one million signatures, which will now be submitted to national authorities for validation.

The long silence could have to do with a conflict behind the scenes between the organizers of the initiative and the European Commission (whose hostile attitude towards the traditional family is well known) concerning the duration of the signature collection period. The organizers claim that the period is one full year, with the date of beginning being set by themselves. The Commission however opines that the one-year-period also comprises the time that the organisers need to set up their online collection system for signatures, thus effectively shortening the period by around one third.

It appears that the success of “Mum Dad & Kids” depends on how the rule is interpreted: in the one case they would have collected slightly more than the required one million signatures, in the other case less than one million.

In any case, “Mum Dad & Kids” seems to have been the fourth most successful ECI so far, and it is the first time that opponents of the re-definition of marriage and family have organized themselves on an international level in the EU. This already is a significant success, and it may be hoped that further such initiatives will follow.