“Liberals” want to impose sodo-marriage on Germany

besteht-auf-eine-ehe-fuer-alle.jpgChristian Lindner, the juvenile leader of the German Liberal Democrats (Freie Demokratische Partei, FDP) has anounced that legislation to introduce sodo-“marriage” will be his party’s condition for forming a coalition with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) after the upcoming national elections in summer.

Many Germans are regrettably indifferent about marriage being defaced through the introduction of sodo-“marriage” – but aty the same time uncritical support for the LGBT agenda is not something that is likely to draw a lot of electoral support.

Mr. Lindners pre-predecessor as an FDP leader, Guido Westerwelle, was not only overtly homosexual, but actually living in formal sodo-partnership with another man. This regularly caused embarrassment when, as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, he took his partner in sodomy along on official state visits.

The  CDU is widely expected to win the elections by a large margin, while Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats, after a short euphoria in the beginning of this year, are falling farther and farther behind. The FDP would be the CDU’s preferred partner, provided it gets enough votes to get into the Bundestag (which in the last elections it didn’t). According to most polls, the CDU will be free to pick its coalition partner among the remaining parties. For the FDP the alternatives to a coalition with CDU are either to remain in opposition, or to be part of an improbable and dysfunctional coalition with the Social Democrats, the ex-Communists, and the Greens. Not really a position to dictate their condition, unless Angela Merkel lets them…