Angela Merkel’s cynical sell-out on marriage

de-aw832_merkel_g_20130920145946All of a sudden, without any prior warning, Angela Merkel has now indicated (in her typical mumbo-jumbo language) that she would accept a free vote on sodo-“marriage” in which all Members of the German Bundestag will be “free to follow their conscience”.

This means that very soon – perhaps even still this week? – Germany will follow other European countries in defacing marriage and family and elevating sodomy to an honourable status. That looks like a rather casual way of dealing with, and in fact getting rid of, our civilization’s most fundamental institution.

And the worst of it is that stupid Merkel thought she was being clever. She thought she could use this sodo-“marriage” as issue as a negotiable for the time after the upcoming elections, so as to easier find a coalition partner. Instead she has now, without any strategic necessity, served an easy victory to all other parties except her own, and divided her own party, where all but a small group are in fact against re-defining “marriage”. Gosh, is that woman stupid!!!!

Marriage is not something that Parlamentarians are free to define however they like. The natural family – consisting of father, mother, and children – is a natural cell that pre-exists and precedes the State. Marriage has no other purpose than that of protecting and safeguarding this natural family. Re-defining the family is truly anti-civilizational – and it is no wonder that this objective was so far promoted by Communists and Freemasons, but never by Christians. A re-definition that is so obviously contrary to the natural state of things reveals a solipsistic philosophy at the basis of contemporary politics: everything is whatever the legislator defines it to be. White can be black, and black can be white, if our enlightened law-makers, guided not by reality but their “conscience” (oh, really? and how is that conscience informed?) , so decide.

Merkel’s volte-face leads her to adopt a position that is glaringly in contradiction to her party’s statute and values, and to the programme on the basis of which she has been elected. It is also contrary to the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz), which in its Article 6 promises the State’s special protection to marriage and the family – which is turned into an absurdity if both can be arbitrarily re-defined at the whim of a power-hungry poliician. But who expects that the Bundesverfassungsgericht will make an effort to protect the German Constitution.

This is a tragic moment. With politicians like Merkel in charge, even a great and powerful nation – Europe’s largest – will not survive for long. Merkel’s unability/unwillingness to protect the country against an unarmed invasion was a fanal. Now, in addition, she tears herself down the legal protection that the natural family still enjoys. Poor Germany – this Chancellor is destroying rather than protecting you!