MEPs condemn Human Rights Court for “infringing Europe’s most fundamental values”

94920540_mediaitem94920539It seems that at last some politicians in Europe are waking up to realize that something has gone seriously wrong with the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), an institution that in radical contradiction to its mandate is turning into the most dangerous threat to human rights in Europe. MEPs from 15 EU Member States have today published an open letter in which they criticize the Court for its Inadmissibility Decision in the case of Charles Gard and Others v. the United Kingdom (Application no. 39793/17), expressing their “deepest concerns about the outrageous outcome of Charlie’s case, which infringes Europe’s most fundamental values, particularly the right to life, the right to human dignity and personal integrity.”

Here is the full text of the letter:

Following inadmissibility decision of the European Court of Human Rights (the „ECtHR“) in the case of Gard and Others v. the United Kingdom (application no. 39793/17) last Thursday, we express our full support to Charlie Gard, Chris Gard and Connie Yates. We deem ourselves obliged to voice our deepest concerns about the outrageous outcome of Charlie’s case, which infringes Europe’s most fundamental values, particularly the right to life, the right to human dignity and personal integrity.

Charlie Gard is a 10-month-old boy suffering from a rare, life-threatening medical condition who is currently dependent on life support in one of London’s hospitals. His doctors concluded that he is no longer entitled to be in this world and sought approval from courts to discontinue his life-supporting treatment, including nutrition and hydration. Unfortunately, both the domestic courts as well as the ECtHR identified with the reasoning of the medical practitioners and ruled in favour of ending Charlie’s life in absolute contradiction to his parents’ will. The ECtHR was the last legal recourse for Chris Gard and Connie Yates in their fight for their baby’s right to life.

Love for children often leads parents to go beyond what is normally possible when it comes to their child’s well-being; just as in the case of Chris Gard and Connie Yates who managed to raise £1.4 million to finance in our understanding ethically viable innovative medical procedures that could bring them and others hope. They have successfully found an experimental treatment in the United States. Paradoxically, they are still facing the resentment of their home country and their immense long-term effort seems to have fallen in vain.

The State, all its bodies and public authorities, are here for its citizens to help and protect them. This is the fundamental principle underlying modern democratic systems. How is it then possible that even today, in the 21st century, in times when we ourselves designate our era as one which respects fundamental values of life and human dignity, that the United Kingdom does not act in the best interest of its citizens? Is this truly the way we want to go?

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, intend to answer with a clear “NO” and strongly condemn the shameful conduct that undermines these values of our civilised society.

Miroslav Mikolášik MEP
Luigi Morgano MEP
Laurentiu Rebega MEP
Laima Andrikiene MEP
Elisabetta Gardini MEP
Ivan Štefanec MEP
Lara Comi MEP
Marijana Petir MEP
Lorenzo Fontana MEP
Nicola Caputo MEP
Tunne Kelam MEP
Marek Jurek MEP
Beatrix von Storch MEP
Franc Bogovič MEP
Patricija Šulin MEP
Pavel Svoboda MEP
György Hölvenyi MEP
Michal Boni MEP
Jan Olbrycht MEP
Zbigniew Kuzmiuk MEP
Jadwiga Wiśniewska, MEP
Thomas Mann MEP
Annie Schreijer-Pierik MEP
Daniela Aiuto MEP
Alojz Peterle MEP
Branislav Škripek MEP
Enrico Gasbarra MEP
Anna Záborská MEP
Arne Gericke MEP
Steven Woolfe MEP
Mylene Troszczynski MEP
Lars Adaktusson MEP
Remo Sernagiotto MEP
József Nagy MEP
Pál Csáky MEP
Marek Plura MEP
Robert Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz MEP