EU Parliament votes to address genocide by…promoting genocide!

ABORTION IS GENOCIDEThe European Parliament voted on 4 July a non-binding resolution aimed at “Addressing human rights violations in the context of war crimes, and crimes against humanity, including genocide”. Bizarrely however, the EU’s elected assembly decided that one of the tools required to combat such crimes was abortion – itself a crime against humanity’s most vulnerable members.

The own-initiative report had its origins among well-intentioned Members of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committees. It cited all the relevant documents in international law starting with the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 9 December 1948.

The laudable intention for the foreign policy specialists was to put pressure on the EU and its Member States “to use all their political weight to prevent any act that could be considered a crime of atrocity from taking place, to respond in an efficient and coordinated manner in cases where such crimes occur and, to mobilise all necessary resources to bring to justice all those responsible, as well as to assist the victims and support stabilisation and reconciliation processes.”

However, the resolution was hi-jacked by the extremist ideologues of Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) who lose no opportunity to promote their radical agenda. The result was a dedicated section of the report on the so-called “gender dimension” of war crimes. Why, one may ask does only one of the Parliament’s 20 or so standing, sub and temporary committees get to pronounce on all manner of subjects. The answer is that, true to their totalitarian tendencies, the FEMMinists usurp powers that are not rightly theirs, terrorise their fellow MEPs by threatening to label them misogynist or homophobe if they resist, and impose a “gender dimension” on everything from climate change to agricultural policy.

The end result is that a worthy EP resolution, intended inter alia to draw attention to atrocities such as the attempted genocide by ISIS of Christians in Iraq and Syria, gets completely de-natured by the inclusion of calls for “access to the full range of sexual and reproductive health services, including legal and safe abortion, for victims of rape in a war context”. These extremists will stop at nothing to advance their goals and apparently the majority of MEPs see no irony in allowing their resolution on genocide include support for the murder of innocent unborn children.