Maltese “Christian Democrats” cave in to LGBT lobby

0Displaying the same lack of backbone in face of the powerful LGBT lobby as conservative parties across the EU, the Maltese National Party (NP) has signalled its intent to go along with the Labour Government’s planned introduction of same-sex “marriage” in Malta.

NP leader Simon Busuttil, who describes his party as “Christian Democrat” has put party political interests above any principles, as he does not wish his party to be defeated by Labour as they were in 2014 when same-sex civil partnerships were introduced in Malta.

The scenario is a repeat of that which has played out in one conservative/Christian democrat party after another across the EU; from the UK and Ireland to – most recently – Germany’s CDU under Angela Merkel. The parties of the right simply run scared in the frenzy of fear generated by the left-liberal Main Stream Media who work hand-in-hand with the Lesbian Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby to advance their radical ideology.

Career politicians such as Mr Busuttil, whose primary concern is personal survival and advancing their  power, prefer to give up before the fight, claiming to believe the LGBT propaganda that same-sex marriage is about “equality” when in fact it is about destroying marriage and the family, two of the pillars upon which Western civilisation has been built.

The Maltese conservative leader uses the same fake arguments pushed by the LGBT extremists themselves, stating in parliament that he asked himself what if one of his two sons tells him he is gay: “Will he tell him to go and sit in a corner for the rest of his days?” Nobody is asking for people with same-sex attraction to be excluded from society. A caring society seeks to help such people deal with their problems.

At the same time, a truthful society tells them that marriage is between one man and one woman, offering a safe and stable legal framework for the sake of the children. The whole of Maltese society can benefit from such marriages. No societal benefit can be derived from destroying this institution for the sake of pandering to a small but vocal sexual minority. Sadly, Mr Busuttil, like most of the EU’s “conservative” or “Christian democrat” leaders today, does not possess the courage to speak the truth to these dangerous radicals.