Estonian EU Presidency promotes same-sex “families”

58ec934da1b34.jpgEstonia, which took over the six-month rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 July, has decided to use its time in the EU driving seat to promote same-sex “families” despite there being no legal basis for such initiatives. The matter is due for discussion at a meeting of Ministers of Employment, Social Affairs, Family and Gender Equality on 19-20 July in Tallinn.

According to the Estonian Presidency, “The main theme of the meeting will be work-life balance, focusing on new forms of work, different family types and men´s participation in sharing care responsibilities.” There is no single definition of the “family” under EU law, therefore Member States are entirely free to define the family as it has been throughout history – one man, one woman and their children.

But the Estonians have obviously bought into the propaganda of the Lesbian Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby who has sought to void language of meaning by referring to “different family types”, “alternative families” or “rainbow families”.

Under the seemingly innocent title of “work-life balance”, Ministers will be invited to discuss” which groups of employees besides parents should be provided additional work-life flexibility to fulfil their duties as carers and how does the system of parental leaves and benefits correspond to the diversity of family models”. In LGBT newspeak, this translates as homosexuals should be granted special leave from work to spend time with their same-sex partners.

Similarly, the Estonians believe that “it is vital to take measures to successfully reconcile work, family and private life. A key issue is how to encourage a more balanced distribution of care responsibilities between men and women”. In other words, they are proposing that the EU legislate on whether men should change diapers or wash the dishes as often as their wives or, presumably, whether the women should be forced to cut the grass and put out the trash.

It is extraordinary how out of touch these EU elites have become. The EU has faced numerous crises in recent years which merit all the attention of EU political leaders. However, it seems that these “leaders” have nothing better to do than dream up ways to regulate how married couples organise their private, home and family lives.