EU Commission to subject all its staff to LGBT “awareness training”

efb947fe4673fdf3e4750f40491b9de2--the-internet-pin-upThe European Commission on 19 July adopted so-called “Diversity and Inclusion Charter” which would see EU officials being forced to attend “awareness training” sessions aimed at subjecting them to homosexualist propaganda.

The EU administration has fallen victim to the powerful and well-funded Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby, which has long advocated the normalisation of their sexual practices, and particularly targeted schools and public administrations.

The officially-declared purpose of the Commission’s new Charter is to “create a better workplace for all – including women, staff with disabilities, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersex (LGBTI) staff and older staff. Concrete steps will be taken to make best use of the talent of all of the Commission’s employees.”

This begs the question as to how the Commission is supposed to know which members of its staff engage in homosexual activity. Will all staff be asked to indicate their sexual orientation, preferences and behaviour in their annual staff report? And how will the Commission cater to the extremist ideology of Gender Theory, which claims that every person has the “right” to define their own gender? Not to mention the increasing alphabet soup of sexual deviance, which has led the Commission to neglect the latest “sexual minority”, the self-proclaimed Queers?

Perhaps the most disturbing element of this new Orwellian Commission Charter is the intention to introduce “LGBTI…awareness activities and trainings for managers and staff, in particular to address any unconscious bias.” Based on the experience of LGBT brainwashing in other public institutions across the EU, the likelihood is that the extremist groups like ILGA Europe will be brought in to teach EU officials how they should think about homosexuality. Bear in mind how this totalitarian outfit beat EU Commissioner Oettinger into submission for telling the truth about same-sex “marriage”. This is the man now in charge of enforcing the Commission’s new staff policy.

One can envisage training sessions where EU staff are submitted to homosexual pornography and told about unhealthy sexual practices to see if they flinch, thereby demonstrating “unconscious bias” that would render them ineligible for promotion.

The new Charter’s headline goal is to reach the level of 40% of women in Commission management posts, up from the current 33%. This piece of social engineering conflicts with the aim to foster the LGBT agenda inside the administration. If 7% of male managers in the Commission were to overnight insist on their “right” to be recognised as women, the Commission would have achieved its goal. Ideological documents like the one just adopted by the EU Commission only serve to highlight the inherent contradictions of extremist the LGBT and Gender agendas.