Schulz tells Germans to stop dictating – He should know!

PG-14-Martin-Schulz-In a statement typical of leftist propaganda, German Socialist leader Martin Schulz said in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde that Germans should stop dictating to other EU states. Comrade Schulz did not blush while making this hypocritical statement, apparently having airbrushed from history his five-year autocratic leadership of the European Parliament.

Mr Schulz’ comments were clearly aimed at German Chancellor Angela Merkel, feeding the leftist populist sentiment that Frau Merkel single-handedly imposed austerity on all of the EU’s poorer Member States. Let us have a look back on some of the hectoring and bullying statements that Mr Schulz made during his time as President of the European Parliament, bearing in mind that he was seeking to dictate terms to elected Prime Ministers.

When in April 2015 the newly-elected far-left Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras (who dared run against Schulz to be EU Commission President a year earlier) decided to cosy up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was quickly slapped down by the EP President. Herr Schulz warned the Prime Minister of the sovereign state in question not to break with the European Union line on sanctions towards Russia during a planned visit to Moscow: “Greece demands and gets a lot of solidarity from the EU. We can therefore also ask for solidarity from Greece and for this solidarity not to be ended unilaterally by pulling out of joint measures,” bullyboy Schulz told regional German newspaper Muenchner Merkur.

A year earlier when the elected Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron decided to exercise his sovereign right to nominate Lord Hill as the UK member of the European Commission, Martin Schulz was at his dictatorial best, threatening Prime Minister Cameron that the EP would veto Lord Hill because Mr Schulz considered him ‘eurosceptic’: “I cannot imagine Hill, whose views – in as far as he’s got any – are radically anti-European, getting a majority in the European Parliament,” Mr Schulz told the German radio station, Deutschlandfunk. In the event, the EP ignored the bluster of its pugnacious president and duly accepted Mr Cameron’s choice.

And of course, when it comes to Slugger Schulz’ preferred punch-bags of the democratically-elected Governments of Poland and Hungary, the diktats come on an almost daily basis. Back in 2015 when the new Polish Government had barely taken office after winning an outright majority in the Polish parliament, Mr Schulz described the change of power as a “coup d’etat” and point blank refused to apologise. Where Hungary is concerned, Schulz has called for the EU to stop paying their farm subsidies until the government there capitulates to demands on accepting some of the migrants that want to settle in Germany.