This “prejudice” isn’t really one: Atheists are considered immoral, even by fellow atheists

atheism.jpgA new study carried out by the University of Kentucky has found out that atheists are generally considered to be the most immoral and untrustworthy group in society, including by themselves.

The title of the study speaks of “extreme intuitive moral prejudice against atheists”, but in fact the alleged “prejudice” corresponds to plain common sense: while religious believers have an expectation to be rewarded for their good deeds and punished for their misdeeds, atheists lack such an incentive and must thus seek virtue for virtue’s sake alone. This does not mean that atheists have necessarily a reduced ability to distinguish good from evil, or that it is impossible for an atheist to be virtuous, – but it seems logical that on average atheists are much more likely than religious believers to behave immorally.

This is also supported by experience: it is surely no coincidence that those who want to frame  immoral behaviours such as abortion, sodo-“marriage”, abnormal sexual behaviours, euthanasia, and surrogacy, as “rights” are often atheists, or that atheists typically militate also for the legalisation of those behaviours. It suffices to consult the websites of the European Humanist Federation or ILGA Europe to see this link.

This “prejudice” isn’t really one.