Amnesty International ordered to pay back money illegaly received from George Soros

Amnesty international is abortion internationalGeorge Soros‘s activities to promote what he calls “human rights” continue making negative headlines. In Ireland, where yet another attempt is currently being made to overturn the country’s constitutional protections for the Right to Life of unborn children, Amnesty International (which once upon a time was a renowned human rights NGO, but thanks to bribes from Soros and similar ‘benefactors’ has been transformed into a particularly aggressive pro-abortion lobby) has been ordered by the  Standards in Public Office Commission to pay back  a €137,000 grant received from Soros’ Open Society Foundations to finance a pro-abortion campaign in view of the upcoming referendum. The commission said that accepting foreign funds is a violation of the 1997 Electoral Act, warning Amnesty’s managers that they may face criminal charges and up to three years imprisonment if the money is not returned.

Ireland’s Electoral Act seeks to curb the unfair dominance of wealthy foreign interests by prohibiting outside political donations over €100.

Amnesty admitted to taking the grant, but argued that Ireland’s law against receiving large foreign money to further political causes was “unfair.” It said it would disobey any court order to give back the money.

Soros’s money is considered to also have been a decisive factor in the campaign leading to the legalization of sodo-“marriage” in Ireland.