Future leader(?) of German Christian Democrats is now sodo-“married”

hochzeit-auf-dem-schloss.jpgAccording to German press reports, Jens Spahn (right) has now “married” his male “partner”, Daniel Funke (left).

Jens Spahn is one of the few politicians within the German Christian Democratic Union, whom mass media consider a possible successor of Angela Merkel, should she – in the wake of her electoral defeat in September 2017, and as a result of her difficulties in forming a new government – decide to step down.

Counternatural Sodo-“marriages” became possible in Germany only very recently, when Angela Merkel all of a sudden decided to allow members of her Christian Democratic Union’s parliamentary group to vote in contradiction to the party’s official program, and hence contrary to the intentions of citizens who had cast a vote for them in precedent elections. If her expectation was that this shameless betrayal of her electorate, which took place just very shortly before the elections in autumn,  would facilitate the forming of a new government coalition with the Social Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens, or the (half-reformed) Communists, all of which have very officially pushed for sodo-“marriage”, she was wrong. As one can see, making compromises on marriage fails to yield strategic advantages to Christian Democrats even in the short term. Indeed, her help in bringing about the deconstruction of marriage may have resulted in de-mobilising the conservative voters who traditionally supports the CDU, but who stayed at home this time.

Fraud doesn’t pay in the long term. But this time it didn’t even bring any short term benefits.

Jens Spahn was, needless to say, one of the sodomites who were most active in undermining the Christian Democrat’s credibility from the inside.