60.000 protest EU’s attempt to impose gender-ideology on third countries

Cecilia Malmström hosts an International Forum on Women and Trade.Opening remarks by Cecilia Malmström and Arancha GonzálezMore than 60.000 have signed a petition on CitizenGo to protest against the EU’s newest atemt at cultural imperialism.

It has recently been revealed that the new Trade agreement the European Commission is currently negotiating with Mercosur (a group of Latin American countries comprising of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) will include a clause that obliges all parties to “foster effective gender mainstreaming”.

This appears to be the first trade agreement negotiated by the EU which contains such language. Sorces say that this is at the personal behest of Commissioner Malmstrom, a Swedish politician who is known to be a fanatical supporter of gender ideology. 

The EU-Mercosur negotiations may have suffered a set-back last month, but are likely to continue soon. It is therefore about time the wider public gets aware that some of the insidious details of the draft deal have nothing at all to do with trade, but serve the purpose of exporting a poisonous ideology.