Solemn blessings for same-sex couples? Yes, under certain conditions.

cardinal_marx_credit_bohumil_petrik_cna_10_5_15-e1517929656977.jpegCardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, generally considered to be one of Pope Francis’s top advisers, has provoked a great media stir by saying that he would not oppose the idea of giving formal blessings to same-sex couples, prompting comments that he appears to promote a new religion that is no longer Christian.

However, taking a closer look at what the Cardinal has in fact said, one finds that his statement is elusive, leaving a wide margin of  interpretation.

Thus, assuming (as one always should, unless there is proof to the contrary) that the Cardinal wanted to make a statement that is in keeping with his Church’s teaching, what he probably meant was that a solemn blessing could be given to homosexual couples (or individuals, as the case may be) who make a solemn vow to henceforth abstain from sodomy.

That would actually be a good idea. Sinners who make a serious effort to turn away from their vices are certainly deserving of every blessing the Church can give.  Condemning the vice, but giving support to those who want to turn away from it, is precisely the discernment (i.e., the distinction between sinner and sin, which has always underpinned the Church’s teaching) and accompaniment that is needed in such situations.

If only his Eminence could develop his good ideas in a somewhat clearer manner…