Bermuda is the world’s first country to abolish sodo-“marriage”

bermuda-5__00Yes, it is possible! The trend towards legalized sodo-“marriage” is not irreversible; social development is not a one-way road into decadence and moral corruption.

The tiny Caribbean  nation of Bermuda is the first country in the world were legalized sodo-“marriage”, which had been imposed on the unwilling nation by the arrogant and preposterous judicial fiat of  its Supreme Court in May 2017, is repealed. Both houses of the country’s parliament have passed the legislation by wide margins in December and a majority of voters have confirmed their opposition against same-sex “marriage” in a referendum. The bill was signed into law by the island’s governor, John Rankin, on Wednesday. This is a victory of democracy over judicial activism, which should set an example for greater nations where similar abuses of judicial power have taken place such as the USA or, more recently, Austria

Somewhat absurdly, the half-dozen sodo-“marriages” that have been concluded in the meantime will continue to be legally recognized. Unless, of course, a further law re-defines or annuls them.

The reversal of sodo-“marriage” has immediately led to some welcome side-effects. Representatives of the international sodomy-lobby have called upon their followers and supporters to stay away from the beautiful island.

Never has a boycott been more welcome by those targeted.