Irish Supreme Court strips unborn children of all constitutional rights – except the right to life

supreme.jpgThe Irish Supreme Court has just issued a ruling in a case involving a Nigerian father who fought a deportation order on the basis that he had fathered an as-yet-unborn Irish child that had the right to have its father live in the same country.
The ruling means that while the unborn have a constitutional right to life, inserted through the 8th amendment, ​they do not enjoy any other rights until they are born. In particular, in the case at hand the unborn child does not have the right to have a family life with its father once it will be born, which makes it possible for the immigration authority to enforce the man’s deportation to Nigeria.

Had the Supreme Court ruled the other way, it would have greatly complicated the government-proposed referendum to remove the 8th amendment, which they need to do to clear the way for legislation on abortion. The 8th amendment enshrines unborn children’s only remaining constitutional right, the right to life. This only remaining right, which is explicitly mentioned in the Irish Constitution and thus not open to any belittling interpretations, shall be eliminated, according to a plan keenly pursued by the current Irish Government, through a popular referendum in which born persons shall have the “right” to cancel out the natural rights of not-yet-born persons. This referendum will foreseeably be held still before summer.
The anti-human-rights campaign is, once again, lavishly financed by George Soros.