Neil Datta discovers AGENDA EUROPE

neil_datta_04-e1525558204884.jpgNeil Datta, the chief lobbyist of the international baby-slaughtering industry on the Brussels scene, has made a sensational discovery that is making headlines all over Europe: he has found out that defenders of the Right to Life from all over Europe know each other, connect to each other, support each other, and …. actually …. meet each other!!!!

Now, this comes as a total surprise. A really shocking revelation. Until just some weeks ago, Datta must have thought that meeting each other, discussing strategies, or influencing politics was the exclusive privilege of the baby-killing industry (which, thanks to its enormous profits, can afford  a host of well-paid professional lobbyists like himself), and perhaps of some other protagonists of the Culture of Death (such as the sodomy-promoting fake-NGO ILGA Europe, which, thanks to lavish donations from George Soros and the European Commission, is equally able to afford a highly efficient lobbying activity all over Europe), but he never expected that his opponents – the defenders of the Human Rights and Human Dignity he so viscerally rejects – were doing the same.

Already some years ago, Datta has set up a list of 27 “Top anti-choice persons in Europe”, with “anti-choice” being his way of labeling those who think that nobody should have the right to “choose” killing another person. Those mentioned on his list wore the badge with pride; others increased their efforts to win equally honourable mention in Datta’s next list.

Some years later, and after some further investigation, he came up with an extended hate-list, hoping to convince the broader public that a major conspiracy was underway to overthrow the “legitimate” legal order (that is, the legal order that turns killing babies  into a “right”). Unfortunately, no one paid attention to his warnings.

But now at last he has managed to land the big scoop: he has discovered that there is an international network (really!) , very probably organised around this blog and its readers (no kidding!), financed thanks to the joined efforts of the Vatican, the Kremlin, the President of Azerbaijan, a Mexican telecom tycoon, and an Austrian Archduke, that has clandestine meetings in which secret strategies are developed to roll back “human rights” (by which Datta and his crowd understand the “right” to murder babies and sell their body parts).

What has apparently helped Mr. Datta to uncover these secret strategies were some documents obtained from a computer hacking attack against a Spanish NGO called HazteOir, which had drawn the ire of sodomy-promoters and left-wing politicians by a bus campaign that promoted dangerous subversive ideas such as the notion that boys are not girls, and girls are not boys.

As it seems, the major insight from Mr. Datta’s sensational publication is that he is peddling with documents he has obtained illegally. In other words, with his newest pamphlet he has not managed to undermine, as his purpose was, the respectability of others, but only his own. But even this is hardly surprising: who would seriously expect a group promoting the idea that killing babies is a “right” to act lawfully in any other context? The hacking of one’s computers is probably one of the more harmless things one must expect to happen if one dares stand up to Mr. Datta’s agenda.

As for the substance of what Mr. Datta has “uncovered”, we note that hacking into other people’s computers would not have been necessary. The secret manifesto he has obtained from his somewhat dodgy informers was actually to a very large extent  already in the public domain – it has been on this website for more than four years.

We might, of course, deign to disavow or rectify some of Mr. Datta’s claims, but that would do him too much honour. Suffice it to say that secret networks do not run official blogs.

Still, we do admit that this so-called “manifesto” (which isn’t really one, since it has never been voted or formally adopted by anyone, but was in fact just drawn up by one or two persons to provide some inspiration to others in an entirely private meeting…) is really a very good document. It’s relevance does not result from being anyone’s manifesto, given that the conspirative group that Mr. Datta has uncovered has no structure that can result in the adoption of manifestos – there is no President, no Vice-President, no General Secretary, no General Assembly, no Membership Card…. what lends credibility and relevance to this so-called manifesto is its lucidity. It has received highest praise from human rights activists around the world, and is now even acknowledged by Big Datta himself for its comprehensiveness, consistency, and efficiency.

We have therefore come to the conclusion that we should make this famous paper available to the wider public not only – as we did before –  in a piecemeal fashion, but as a comprehensive and downloadable document. Indeed, we believe that the impact of the vision and strategy it lays out will only be further increased if human rights activists from around the world get acquainted with it, whilst at the same time its efficiency will not be undermined if human rights opponents (such as Mr. Datta) can also read it. Quite on the contrary, Mr. Datta’s conspiracy theories are, in a somewhat paradoxical manner, even quite helpful in putting our ideas on Europe’s Agenda.

The document – which after four years does require some updating, but will substantially remain the same, will soon be made available on this website. Stay tuned.

Beyond that, we do not see any further need to comment on Mr. Datta’s pamphlet and the conjectures it contains, be it by confirming or by contradicting him. We just couldn’t care less.