Ireland: a new Age of Darkness

Ireland has abandoned the most basic of human values and returned to pre-civilization. The outcome of last week’s referendum, in which two thirds of participants voted in favour of repealing all human rights of a certain group of their fellow citizens – those not having left their mother’s wombs – means that very soon Ireland will soon allow abortion on demand. It does not mean that, as the propagandists of baby-slaughtering want to make believe, abortions will be “rare and safe”, but that they will be frequent and, at the same time, as unsafe as they have ever been. As a result, the country’s (until now) very good record on maternal health will soon be below average, as seems natural for countries with liberal abortion regimes (the only “safe” abortion being the one that doesn’t take place). But of course all the hypocrites who justified their promotion of abortion with concerns over “women’s health” will not care. Just as they don’t care about the fact that abortion disproportionately affects women – not only because many suffer conditions ranging from post-abortion-syndrome to infertility as a result of having undergone an abortion, but also because the risk of female foetuses to be aborted is far higher than that of males. But the smug feminists won’t care.

Of course the outcome of the referendum does not come as a surprise, even though the margin seems to be much wider than anyone, including the abortion campaigners, had anticipated. But what should one expect of a country that – unique in the world! – has voted for the introduction of sodo-“marriages” by a similarly wide margin two years ago, whose government is headed by an openly professed sodomite, and where all of the political parties represented in parliament, without exception, have publicly embraced the baby-killing cause? In addition, there was a massive imbalance between the Yes and No camps regarding their respective financial resources (the Yes camp receiving lavish financial resources from foreign donors such as George Soros as well as from the highly profitable abortion industry), as well as their access to media. In an unprecedented move, international internet giants such as Google suddenly announced a ban on all ads relating to the referendum, thereby effectively depriving the No campaign, which had far less access to the country’s public television networks, of their most powerful communication tool.

There are also rumours about irregularities in the voter registration process, allowing participants to cast three or more votes in different constituencies. These allegations are currently being examined.

But the underlying truth is: Irish society has reached a state in which it has become extremely vulnerable to the propaganda of the abortion lobby. For more than forty years the country has been exposed to an endless stream of pro-choice propaganda, instilling it with some kind of cultural inferiority complex: “if you are not pro-abortion, you are not modern. You are on the wrong side of history, etc.”   As the outcome shows, such non-arguments can be very effective in politics.

And of course, there also has been a lot of very efficient fake news, the most egregious case being the case of Savita Halappanavar, a pregnant woman who, according to the leyendanegra promoted by the pro-abortion camp, “died as a consequence of not having been allowed to have an abortion”. As independent inquiries showed, that claim was absolutely devoid of truth – yet even though formally disproved, it was repeated a thousand times over by pro-choice propaganda. Semper aliquid haeret – lies can be effective, if they are repeated sufficiently often. One can only feel compassion for Savita that her death has been so cynically exploited for such an atrocious cause.

Quite absurdly, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, when discussing a scandal in which a (Catholic) adoption agency had been complicit in falsifying the birth certificates of adopted children in order to make believe that they were the natural children of their adoptive parents, spoke of “another dark chapter” of Ireland’s past.  While falsifying the identities of adopted children can in no circumstance be condoned, it remains that at least these children were allowed to live. Claiming that one the one hand, those illegal adoptions were part of the “dark past”, while the legalized mass killing of innocent children will apparently usher in a golden era, requires a very special kind of chuzpah.

No Sir, the darkest chapter of Ireland’s history is the present time – precisely the time that sees YOU in charge.