“Gender Issues” not a priority for Trump.

donald_trump_smugx750.jpgUS President Donald Trump arrived late for the “gender equality” meeting that was part of the G7 international summit, prompting an angry Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to kick it off without waiting for “stragglers” to arrive.

It is believed that the US President created the incident deliberately to show what he thinks of the Canadian Prime Minister and his ultra-leftist social agenda. 

He missed Trudeau’s introductory statement and entered the room while Gender Equality Advisory Council co-chair Isabelle Hudon was speaking.

Security personnel had to open a path for Trump through a throng of journalists and cameramen. The camera clicks for Trump completely drowned out Hudon. As a result, nobody took note of what she was saying, but everyone understood that the leader of the free world did not find it worth listening to.

French President Emmanuel Macron stared at Trump in unconcealed anger and disbelief after he sat down.

Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland later tweeted photos of the women’s empowerment meeting, showing Trump’s empty chair.

Trudeau had made the issue of gender equality and women empowerment  (rather than trade, economy, or security)  a priority for the gathering. He said gender equality must from now on “cut through” everything the G-7 does.

As matters stand, this is unlikely to happen.

Better things to do. Trump’s chair at the G7 “gender” meeting was left empty.