Anti-Trump zealots undermine “equal treatment” laws

636656231615544378-the-red-hen-two.jpgWhite House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders  was asked to leave by the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington by the owner Stephanie Wilkinson, who, as well as citing comments that Sanders had made previously about Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, went on to later explain that various “LGBT+” staff at the restaurant were apprehensive about serving the White House official. Liberal media worldwide are jeering, and praising this “courageous act of opposition”…

If you believe, as this website does, that the freedom to conclude, or not conclude, contracts is one of our most important civil liberties, then you can have no objection against the admission policies of some (until now, little-known) restaurant somewhere near Washington DC.  It’s a free country, and Mrs. Sanders certainly can find other, perhaps better, places where to have dinner.

However, let us note two things. First, it nowadays takes a lot more courage to oppose the LGBT mlobby than to oppose President Trump. We therefore feel a much greater admiration for bakers, photographers, florists, etc., who, as a consequence of their brave refusalto cater for perverse “wedding ceremonies” of same-sex couples undergo ordeals that Trump-haters are very unlikely to face, than for a resturant owner that can rely on the drum beating support of much of the western world’s main stream media and can use the visit of a White House spokesperson in this way to rise from relative obscurity to world-wide notoriety. Second, the case is typical for the political left’s double standards. But in a society that values “equality”, all should have the same rights.  If it is ok for sexual perverts to refuse serving those who oppose their perversion, then obviously it must be ok for those opposing sexual misconduct to refuse serving those promoting it. Freedom of contract can’t be an exclusive privilege for the LGBT-lobby.