US Supreme Court: pregnancy centers not obliged to promote abortion

ultrasound-baby.jpgIn an important pro-life decision, National Institute of Family and Live Advocates v. Becerra, the US Supreme Court has invalidated a perverse law passed by the State of California, which would have obliged pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to supply women with information about how and where to provide abortions. This law was a vicious attack on the freedom of expression, obliging citizens to make statements that are in total opposition of what they actually want to say and do.

The (quite typically dishonest) pretext for the California statute was that the state had a right, or perhaps even the obligation, to ensure that “women are provided with facts about their medical options”. The truth is however, that the very same lawmakers actually do all they can to prevent women from learning the truth about abortion. This is why they seek to ban anti-abortion information from being offered in the vicinity of abortion clinics, or the use of ultrasound images that evidence the fact that the unborn child is actually a human being, not just a lump of cells. And of course the statute made no provision to oblige anyone to inform about the serious health risks associated with every abortion, whether legal or not.

The abortion lobby’s pretended concern over “access to information” is thus just laughable.

While today’s decision just means that human rights defenders cannot be obliged to spread anti-human-rights messages, further measures will be required to ensure their freedom to speak the truth about abortion.