Cuba: people get to choose between Communism and Sodomism

23cuba-reforms1-jumboIn what is presented to the world as an important step towards “democratization”, Cuba’s communist government has drafted a new Constitution, in which any explicit reference to Communism is missing. The draft omits a clause from the current, 42-year-old Constitution laying out the goal of building a “communist society,” but instead includes a reference to …. sodo-“marriage”, defining marriage as a “union between two persons”.

The draft will be put to a scam referendum later this year in order to provide for an appearance of legitimacy. In order to get rid of the defunct ideology of Communism, the Cuban people will have to accepting the novel ideology of Sodomism. The option of having a Constitution without Communism and without Sodomy is not available.

This is unsurprising, given that the purpose is mere window-dressing. Communists, reformed Communists, and ex-Communists have been at the forefront  of promoting Sodomism all over Europe and the US. The regime is hoping that, embracing the new ideology that is currently holding sway in many Western countries, it will be accepted as “democratic” by those countries without any need for real change.