And here it is at last: THE FULL AND UNABRIGED top-secret strategy document, that sets an AGENDA FOR EUROPE!!!


Ok, let us admit that we have been a bit slow. Over a year ago, when the EU chief lobbyist of the worldwide baby-slaughtering industry, Neil Datta, had released a report in which he wrote about a pro-life network of “Vatican surrogates” and their (in his peculiar view) “dangerous” agenda, we announced that we would release the full and unabridged document to which he was referring, so that everyone could make his or her own judgment. But then Datta’s smear campaign quickly lost traction, and the public interest he had tried to stir up faded away even before we managed to dig out that document and put it on the screen, and so we finally didn’t do it. The main reason was that we thought we’d better give the document a bit of proof-reading before we put it online. And when we heard nothing more from Datta, we somehow forgot about him.

In the meantime, Datta seems to be making an attempt to re-launch his campaign as part of an effort to influence the upcoming EP elections. This seems to be habitual with him and his so-called “Parliamentary Forum”: without any argument to prove why his industry’s industrial-scale baby-murdering should be considered a morally acceptable practice, he has nothing else to offer than conspiracy theories and ad hominem attacks. He is doing this every year (we remember one year when he published his personal hate list of “The 27 top anti-choice persons in Europe”), but his problem is that between this year and last he actually did not find out anything new, so he is just rehashing his 2018 report. Of course the splash effect he has achieved is even less impressive than last year. Only the lunatic fringe is picking it up. How boring.

Nevertheless, we have been awakened from our idleness, and at last found time to review the so-called “manifesto” that has so very much excited Mr. Datta’s fantasy. It bears the title RESTORING THE NATURAL ORDER and is, in fact, not a manifesto (it is not signed by anyone and was apparently never intended for public release), but a discussion paper of roughly 130 pages. After reviewing it, we found that there is absolutely no reason why the public should not become acquainted with it in its entirety, including the reflections on strategy that it includes, which we have so far not put on this website. Indeed, we find it is a well-written, intelligent and deeply insightful paper, which we hope will reach the widest possible readership. Perhaps it will serve as a source of inspiration for many pro-lifers who have not yet had access to it.

This widest possible readership also includes representatives of the abortion lobby and similar pressure groups. Reading the paper, they can read some things about themselves, which they will very probably not find flattering, but which are nevertheless true and to the point. Indeed, the paper provides some helpful analysis of their activities and strategies, but it also states very clearly why the tactics used by the baby-killing lobby and its key associates (the sodomy-promoters and religion-haters) are not suitable for those who want to defend true values such as the sanctity of marriage, the right to life or human dignity. The best weapon of those fighting the good fight is the truth, even if the truth may be hurtful for the ears of those who want to keep it concealed. There is thus nothing in the paper that anyone needs to be ashamed about – and that includes also the tactical reflections it contains. Indeed, those reflections are so simple and obvious, and at the same time so honourable, that their accessibility to the public will do no harm to them. For us, the strategy is truth and factual debate, while Datta and his ilk have to use falsehood, manipulation and theft. It is as simple as that.

Maybe this is the reason why Mr. Datta, who has put great efforts in publishing his 2018 report as a glossy brochure and having it translated into five different languages (you see, big abortion visibly has a big lobbying budget…), has in fact carefully avoided releasing the full text of the so-called “manifesto” that he used as his source of information. Instead, he has tried to create a myth about a world-wide conspiracy of “Russian oligarchs”, the “European high aristocracy” (some Hapsburgs and Bourbons are part of this apparently restaurationist gunpowder plot!) and, of course, Steve Bannon. No doubt, Bannon also represents a missing link between the oligarchs, the aristocrats and the Trump administration. And there can be no doubt either that the document we are posting here is the blueprint for the curriculum that will be taught at the Academy for Judeo-Christian Culture (or whatever it is called) that he is setting up in a former monastery near Rome, and which has made world-wide headlines before it has even started any activity. This is thus a truly seminal document, comparable in its ground-breaking earth-shaking importance only to Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, Diderot’s Encyclopédie, or the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, whichever you prefer…

Speaking in earnest, the person who really does have some questions to answer is Mr. Datta himself.

One is why he has never bothered to publish the entire document – but we believe that the answer to this question is quite self-evident for anyone who takes the time to read it.

The second question is: how did Mr. Datta get hold of this paper, which is an entirely private document destined to animate a private discussion in a private meeting to which he was not invited? (We, who are publishing this document here, are in lawful possession of it). In any democratic society, it is a basic freedom to have private meetings and conversations. Whoever it was who wrote this paper or distributed it to a restricted number of like-minded readers is not answerable to Mr. Datta and his lobby, nor to any fake “journalists” who want to ask them questions. And whoever shares the ideas expressed in this paper, be it entirely or in part, will decide for himself when and how he communicates with the public. This is how democracy works.

No, this document was neither “leaked” nor “revealed” (as Mr. Datta would have it), but it was obtained through the hacking of the computers of a Spanish NGO that has obtained a certain notoriety by organising online petitions to protect the life of unborn children and other key human rights, and for sending around buses with the message that a person’s sex has something to do with the sexual organs it is born with. Mr. Datta seems to be a gangster-lobbyist: he is openly peddling with stolen documents, and we have little doubt he is fully aware of this. His name will remain associated with criminal activity (and by this we do not mean the killing of unborn babies, which, alas, thanks to persons like him is in many countries not anymore subject to criminal sanctions) until the day on which he proves that he obtained the paper we are reproducing here (as well as any other stolen documents he may still have in his possession) in a lawful manner. But maybe that is not newsworthy: what do you expect of a man who plays a key role in representing a multi-billion industry that kills babies and sells their body parts? There is no surprise in this, and in fact no good reputation to be lost.

A final remark. Our intention was, and still is, to produce an updated version of RESTORING THE NATURAL ORDER to keep track of the developments since it has first been written. We just have not yet found the time for doing so – but when the new version is ready, it will again be put on this website. Stay tuned.