Hungary´s new Anti-pedophilia Law is a model to be followed


On Tuesday, Hungary’s National Assembly voted 157-1 on a bill that establishes a wide range of measures to protect children against sexual abuse by adults. In addition to  creating a national registry for sex offenders (similar to the one in the United States), the bill also prohibits any distribution of texts, images, and other content to minors – in, and outside of the classroom – that propagandizes premature sexual relationships and sodomy.

Members of the government coalition headed by Fidesz were joined by the right-wing party Jobbik in voting for the bill. While one independent MP voted against the bill, other opponents altogether boycotted the voting session in protest. Groups belonging to the conglomerate of Soros-funded NGOs strongly denounced the law, arguing it conflates sodomites with pedophiles. 

However, Fidesz state secretary Csaba Domotor underlined that the protection of children is paramount, pointing to amendments in the law such as the one that introduces the searchable registry of convicted pedophiles. “Pedophiles won’t be able to hide any more – there are similar solutions in other countries, too. The criminal code will be even more strict. Punishments will be more severe. No one can get away with atrocities with light punishments and parole,” he said.

The new law includes the following important provisions:

  • Regarding sex education in schools, materials must not contain anything aimed at promoting sodomy or transgenderism.
  • Besides teachers of the school, only people or organizations included in an official, continually updated register can hold sex education classes. This means that NGOs with extremist social agendas can be excluded.
  • Also, the right of a child to identify according to his or her sex at birth is guarded by the law under the aegis of the child protection system.
  • It is forbidden to target youth below the age of 18 with pornographic depictions, both hetero- and homosexual, or  to promotesodomy or transgenderism. The same applies to advertisements.
  • Television stations will be obliged to carry an 18+ certificate for films and programming with content which deviates from the law’s restrictions, while Hungary’s media authority will be required to seek remedial action by the member state under whose jurisdiction any infringements take place.

Some leftist pressure groups, such as Amnesty International Hungary, wrote in a statement that the law is not in line with Hungarian society. In a Facebook post, left-wing Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony called it a “shameful day” for Hungary while Dunja Mijatovic, the commissioner for human rights at the Council of Europe, had asked Hungarian lawmakers to reject the legislation, saying it reinforced prejudice against “LGBT people”. Similar statements were, unsurprisingly, made by the European Commission.

It is certainly true that not all persons with same-sex attractions are pedophile, and not all pedophiles are also sodomites. However, there clearly is a strong linkage between the LGBT-agenda that is promoted by organisations such as ILGA, the Human Rights Campaign, the Open Society Foundation, or Amnesty International, and the social evil that is the sexual abuse of minors. It consists in the fact that nearly every argument that is used to promote the LGBT-agenda cound equally be used for legalizing pedophilia. This concerns especially for any argument that severs the connection with sexuality and its procreative purpose. Sexual education cannot just limit itself to passing on information on various sexual practices, suggesting that children should try the out and retain what they find gives them a maximum of pleasure. Instead, it must be oriented towards a positive objective, the forming of stable families.

It is to be hoped that Hungary will not be intimidated by the pressures that must be expected fro the usual quarters, and that other countries will draw inspiration from this new law, which sets new standards for the protection of minors against dangerous propaganda and sexual exploitation.