UEFA forbids misuse of EURO 2021 for sodomy-propaganda


The Europe-wide LGBTXYZ-Lobby and their allies in politics and mass media are boo-hooing over a decision by the UEFA’s Executive Board that was inevitable: the city of Munich will not be allowed to illuminate the Allianz Arena Stadium in “rainbow colors” when Germany meets Hungary in a decisive soccer match on Wednesday evening.

The idea for the illumination came from Munich´s leftwing mayor Dieter Reiter with the stated purpose of “setting a sign” against a newly adopted law in Hungary that will protect minors against sex abuse. But this attempt to use international sports events as a stage for political propaganda is not at all new: the most egregious historic example were of course the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and Garmisch-Partenkirchen where athletes were required to raise their arms for the “Deutscher Gruss” in the presence of the Führer. Today, some athletes (such as the Belgian and English soccer teams) bend their knees in support of the violence-promoting inverse-racist BLM movement, whereas others, like German goalkeeper and team captain Manuel Neuer, who (in defiance of UEFA’s clear rule, but unpunished) wears a rainbow-colored armband, embrace the cause of promoting sodomy and other forms of sexual  (self-) abuse. Despite what they may claim it is not quite clear whether those athletes do so at their own initiative or because they are being pressured, but the latter is more probable.

With regard to the proposed stadium illumination, and despite sending out clear messages of sympathy for the sodomy-agenda, UEFA ultimately was bound by its own regulatory framework, which imposes political and religious neutrality. These rules exist for a good reason: they serve the purpose of preventing the politicization of sports events, which, being watched by world-wide audiences, would otherwise inevitably be turned into the theater of propaganda wars. The law must be the same for all: if Germany were allowed to use the EURO championship as a stage for sodomy-propaganda, then every other country could use it for perhaps less disgraceful, but nonetheless equally political (and hence, divisive) agendas. Football would cease bringing people together, and be turned into a vehicle of division and bullying. If England and Belgium can promote BLM (and expect bystanders to show “respect” for this new form of racism), how can the Third Reich be criticized from asking anyone to express respect for “Der Führer”? If German politicians want to promote the propagation of sodomy at minors, will Hungary at least be left free to use its stadium and players’ dresses for defending a more traditional view on sexual ethics?

It is interesting that most German mainstream media, when reporting on this story, openly and uncritically took the side of LGBT-propaganda, and hardly any of them allowed any readers’ comments. Some, however, did …. and, lo and behold, the readership was overwhelmingly critical. (See for example here: the columnist expresses indignation at UEFA’s decision, but more than 90% of her readers disagree. These are no anonymous trolls, but registered users. Similar here.) Once again, it seems there is an abysmally wide difference between public and published opinion. There still exists – not among politicians and media people, but within the wider population – a basic sense of good sportsmanship which requires the countries that host a sports event to treat the visitors respectfully, and not to lecture them on political issues. Even North Korean or Iranian sportsmen are entitled to that kind of respect, despite the horrible crimes committed by their respective governments. In the case of Hungary, the government of Viktor Orban is certainly more deserving of respect than any of its indecent detractors.

Good sportsmanship is apparently something the Sodomy-lobby still needs to learn – the open question is whether they are even capable of understanding this lesson.