Noble people, noble cause

IcebergShould anyone be ashamed of being pro-life?

 The “European Parliamentary Forum for Population and Development”, a group of morally corrupted Politicians who are subsidized by, and serve as political mouthpiece of, the baby-slaughtering “Big Abortion” industry, certainly would want it to be so. They have published the newest iteration of their habitual conspiracy theory: this time, they want to “paint a transnational picture of the clandestine funding system which supports the anti-gender actors’ deliberate strategy to roll back human rights in Europe”, which they describe as “The Tip of the Iceberg”, letting their readers surmise (rightly or wrongly) that the “clandestine system” must be much larger than what they have so far managed to discover. As it appears, this blog is at the very epicenter of those so-called attempts “to roll back human rights” – a veritable Scarlet Pimpernel.

Are we rolling back human rights????

Yes, of course – because in the perverse minds of the pro-abortionists the killing of children is itself a “human right”, and therefore anyone seeking to protect children against being murdered is a dangerous person trying to “roll back human rights”. And obviously, the same logic is applied to the sexual abuse of children: the “human right” at question is not the right to be protected against sexual abuse, but to be exposed to it.

Well then, if that is what it takes to be declared a villain by EPF, then we suppose all persons who are mentioned in EPF’s report will proudly wear that mention as a badge of honor. We, the makers of this blog, certainly are very flattered that to EPF consider us their most dangerous opponents, and will do our best to continue deserving this honorific mention. We were not aware that our modest effort is as important as EPF says it is, but if they say so…. Indeed, we believe to be in good society: the alleged “clandestine network” described by the EPF report rather looks like an excerpt from the Almanach de Gotha. The report abounds in aristocratic names such as von Habsburg, Bourbon-Bourbon, von Liechtenstein, von Oldenburg, Thurn und Taxis, von Krempach, von Beverfoerde, von Siemens, de Villiers, and so forth. It appears that all those good people are also quite generous donors – noble men giving their free time and their private funds for a noble cause.

Compare this to abortion lobby and note the startling difference. “Big Abortion” has over the years developed into a multi-billion industry with huge profits and high salaries (at the expense not only of the poor women, but also of taxpayers). As such, it is very much comparable to the tobacco industry, if not to a Mexican drug cartel: they have no need of donors or voluntary helpers, but what they do have is a powerful and richly funded lobbying outlet. Like in any industry, 5 to 10% of turnover, perhaps even more, is invested in public relations activities. This is easily sufficient to pay the salary of EPF’s Neil Datta and to fund the work of certain political allies in the European and national parliaments. It also stands to reason that the mobsters rallying against, say, the recent anti-abortion ruling of the Polish Constitutional Court, received money from the abortion industry. The contrast is striking: on the one hand the pro-life movement, honorable citizens disinterestedly spending their own time and money on a noble fight to protect the lives of those who are deprived of their basic human rights – and on the other hand the hirelings of the baby-slaughtering industry…. And then there is, of course, another big difference: the pro-life movement mobilizes real citizens (ONE OF US, the ECI with the greatest number of signatures so far, is a case in point), whereas the abortion industry has only the people it pays for. They are “fake civil society”, just like their allies from ILGA-Europe, which are financed not by the people whose interests they purport to represent, but by the European Commission and George Soros.

We are, however, in no position, nor do we intend, to confirm or deny anything that is said in this latest EPF publication. To be frank, we haven’t really read it, nor will we. We just take the occasion to remind our readers that most of the material on which EPF’s conspiracy theories are built stems from the criminal hacking of the computers of a Spanish pro-life NGO, HazteOir, back in 2017. This material, which EPF perfectly well knows is not in their lawful possession, has been selectively quoted and grotesquely distorted in many ways in order to fit their own propagandistic interest. It is not very clear whether that stolen material has in the meantime been beefed up by any new information (which, obviously, again would have had to be obtained through criminal means), but at a superficial glance this does not appear to be the case. The report seems to be just a rehashing of an earlier publication on which we already commented.

That earlier publication prompted us to publish on this website the full and unabridged version of a key document that was stolen from HazteOir’s computers. We believe this was a good decision. A text that is freely available cannot easily be distorted or misrepresented: when people make the effort of seeking out the original document, they will discover that we are in fact the brave defenders of the human rights that EPF and buddies seek to subvert. We can say that this document, entitled “Restoring The Natural Order”, continues being downloaded and read and increasingly fulfills its mission as a source of inspiration for human rights activists all over the world. We are optimistic that over time, it will become highly influential.

We will not condescend to rectify any false or misleading information published by a group whose legally dubious dealings and morally corrupt character must be clear to everyone whose mind is not itself corrupted. It suffices to say that through the publication of material that is not in their lawful possession, EPF and Neil Datta are exposing only themselves, not anyone else. But the hacking of computers and publication of stolen documents, though a criminal act that could be persecuted and severely punished, is of course a rather harmless activity if compared to the killing of children, the cause that EPF is officially representing and promoting.