Should Poland be proclaimed an “UvdL-free Zone”?

BELGIUM-EU-PARLIAMENTThe European Commission’s culture war against conservative-led Member States gets more bizarre every day.

The latest episode in this saga is the Commission’s announcement that it will launch an infringement procedure against Poland because some regional or local authorities in Poland have adopted resolutions in which they declare themselves to be “LGBT-propaganda-free zones”. (Parenthesis: It took Commission President Ursula von der Leyen some weeks to realize that those zones were to be “LGBT-propaganda-free”, not “LGBT-free”, which is a very important difference. The idea is not to keep people with same-sex attractions out, but to create safe spaces for children, where they will not be exposed to propaganda that promotes sodomy as “normal” or “equivqlent to marriage”. The “notion of “LGBT-zones” is a itself a falsification, the product of a deliberate distortion of facts by …. LGBT propagandists. But UvdL apparently takes her speaking notes directly from the Commission-and-Soros-financed fake-NGO called ILGA-Europe, without any fact-checking.)

The intended infringement procedure is hardly likely to lead to any result. The reason is that those resolutions have the character of mere policy statements, but are not legally binding. Legally speaking, they have the more or less same quality as the European Parliament´s recent declaration that wants abortion to be a “human right”, and two actual human rights, the right to life and the freedom of conscience, to be partially abolished. The difference is that the declared intention to protect minors against sodomites and pedophiles is morally sound, whereas the EP’s nonsensical pro-abortion stunt is a self-condemnation of those who have raised their hands to adopt it. But both have in common that, from a legal point of view, they produce no direct effects.

Contrary to Mrs. von der Leyens angry and misinformed reaction, safe spaces that are kept free of sodomy are not “humanity free zones”. They are zones were humanity thrives, and where children can feel safe. Every school and kindergarden should be one.

In any case, Polish local authorities might as well have declared themselves to be UvdL-free Zones. As a political declaration of intent, this is clearly licit. Perhaps they should still do so. It would be fun to watch Ursula´s reaction.