EU promoting corruption in Member States

Miscellaneous--Rainbow-money--29474It appears that under pressure of a CJEU judgment Hungary is now scrapping a law that would have ensured somewhat more transparency with regard to the shady dealings of so-called “non-governmental organizations”. In particular, the ire of EU institution was provoked by a provision that would oblige NGOs receiving funds from outside Hungary to disclose who is financing them. It is, however, an easy guess who the most potent financier of this fake “civil society” is: the billionaire and self-styled “philanthropist” George Soros with his meanwhile notorious conglomerate of foundations at the service of “open society”.

Transparency is a cornerstone for a functioning democracy. This is why the EU itself has a transparency register for lobbying organizations, and why in all Member States there are strict rules setting limits to private donations to political parties and subjecting them to public scrutiny. It would seem only natural to apply similar standards to NGOs, giving the eminen roles they have acquired in recent years as political actors and agenda setters.

This is particularly true for Eastern Europe, where average citizens aren’t wealthy, whereas oligarchs can easily buy their way into politics. But the setting-up and financing of NGOs, which serve the purpose of creating a false impression of a huge grassroots movement where in fact you have just a billionaire with a more or less big number of hirelings. One of the most obvious examples of this illicit and deeply corrupted model of “political entrepreneurship” is precisely the radical anti-family-and-marriage lobby called “ILGA Europe”, which pretends to be a grassroots movement of homosexuals, but in fact has no membership and is exclusively funded by George Soros, the European Commission and the Dutch Government. This at least was ahat could be read in ILGA Europe’s financial statements, when they were still made available on the internet (a practice from which the group has since desisted when the origins of its funding became the subject of public attention).

With the June 2020 decision that declares a 2017 law requiring civil society organizations receiving more than 20.000 EUR per year in foreign funds to register as foreign-funded to be contrary to EU rules, the CJEU makes sure that the foreign funders of “civil society” can remain anonymous and unaccountable.

While the EU keeps admonishing Hungary to fight corruption and ensure transparency, it does itself the exact opposite: it fights transparency and ensures corruption, in order to protect George Soros’s model of exerting political influence through the fake “civil society” he finances. The hypocrisy is open for everyone to see.