Good idea: asking SCOTUS to clarify that abortion is not a “human right”

10500537_10153376239276777_3916468294066157260_nThe Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) has announced that in a amicus curiae brief it intends to submit to the US Supreme Court in the context of the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (see our report), it will request the Court to affirm that there is no such a thing as an “internationally recognised right to abortion”, be it hidden in the term “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”, “Right to Sexual Health”, or elsewhere. Such an absurd “right” to slaughter unborn children has never been agreed upon- it simply does not exist.

Already in 2011 a group of eminent international lawyers, meeting at San José (Costa Rica), had said as much in a declaration known as the San José Articles.

If the US Supreme Court were to explicitly endorse that position, this could have a considerable stifling effect with regard to the international abortion lobby´s efforts to have an absurd “right to murder children” recognised at UN level, given that even the pro-abortionist Biden administration cannot simply contradict the Supreme Court on legal matters. Indeed, when asked the question, the US representavie at the UN, be he appointed by Biden or not, would have to follow the line set out by the SCOTUS. This would leave the European Commission, the other major supporter of the “right to murder children”, rather isolated.

Let us hope that the Court will follow the suggestion.