A Parliament populated by Monsters and Morons

Another one in the endless series of EP resolutions promoting a fake “Right to Abortion”, which, on the one hand, does not exist anyway, and, if it ever were to be created (e.g. by an inclusion into the European Fundamental Rights Charter, requiring a unanimous vote of all Member States), would only have the effect of perverting and undermining the very concept of Human Rights.

If there is one conclusion to be drawn from the vote, it is that European politics are under the control of the wrong kind of elite, one we must urgently get rid of. Promoting abortion as a right means to negate the most basic scientific knowledge, i.e. that the unborn child is a human being, separate and different from the mother, as well as the most basic moral insight, i.e. that innocent human beings must not be arbitrarily killed. Whoever has voted for this resolution must be either a monster, or an idiot – or perhaps both.

The good news is that the resolution will have no legal effect, just as so many that went before it. Even better, it sets a monument to the powerlessness and desperation of those who have voted for it. Thanks to the judicial nominations by President Trump (and, of course, the increasing influence of the Christian vote) there is now a majority of reasonable people at the US Supreme Court that – failing the possibility of one or two successful last-minute assassination attempts, which clearly is what pro-abortionists in the US and Europe must be hoping for – will overturn the “constitutional right to abortion” created by the ignominious Roe v. Wade Decision back in 1973.

In one aspect, the pro-abortionists are of course right: the overturning of Roe v. Wade will send a signal that will be seen world-wide, and other supreme courts could follow the example. That effect would not be limited to the abortion issue alone, but the world would see and learn that there is no product of legislative and judicial activism that will not, after some time, be undone. Slavery was abolished, abortion will soon be, and sodo-“marriage” is the next to follow.