A Day of Glory for Human Rights: Roe v. Wade OVERTURNED!!!

This Day will be remembered and celebrated for centuries. The Supreme Court has issued its long awaited decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, overturning its earlier rulings Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) and thus setting an end to the absurd claim that the US Constitution provide for a “Right to Abortion”. Through this decision, US States regain the right to regulate abortion, and some of them will certainly make use of it to restrict the arbitray murdering of babies before their birth.

The landmark decision is at least equivalent to the abolition of slavery after the US Civil War, or perhaps even more significant. Like the abolition of slavery, it also highlights one of the great qualities of American democracy: the ability to correct its own most grievous errors, even if it may in some cases take several decades or even centuries.

Of course, this judgment does not mean that abortion will disappear from one day to the next. The wounds that the “Culture of Death”, of which abortion is the quintessential expression, has inflicted on society will take a long time to heal. Just like the abolition of slavery did not immediately lead to the disappearance of racism and racial discrimination, or to a significant improvement of the social conditions in which the former slaves continued to live, it will take more than yesterday’s decision to set an end to the practice of pre-natal child murder and to weed out from society the perverted Feminist/Marxist ideologies that serve to justify it. Just as the Ku-Klux-Klan was founded only after 1865 and continues to exist even today, so will Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes, or (in the EU) IPPF and the “European Parliamentary Forum” for the foreseeable future continue their work to undermine human rights in the interest of the multi-billion baby-slaughtering industry, and they will continue recruiting “useful idiots” even among nominally conservative or Christian Democrat politicians to support their agenda. In the US the leftist political spectrum has already announced that it will continue its fight to turn baby-murdering into a “right”, and in EU certain reactionary forces are working hard to include such a “right” into the EU Fundamental Rights Charter.

The fight for human rights and dignity will therefore have to go on; it will never end: even the most civilized and democratic society is never more than just one generation away from a backslide into barbarianism. We have witnessed such backsliding throughout the 20th century, and are witnessing it today. Yet the SCOTUS decision in Dobbs can be considered a tidal turning point like the Battle of Lepanto (1571) or, even more so, the liberation of Vienna from the Turkish siege (1683): these victories did not mean that the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist, but they ushered in its inexorable decline and retreat.

Honor and praise must be given to those to whom it is due. In the first place to the six judges who, even after the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion in early May and the ensuing attempts to bully them into changing their position, which included doxxing, picketing, heckling, and even a murder attempt, bravely stood by their decision despite the risk for life and limb that this meant for them. The greatest (and, in a way, the most improbable) hero of the day is former President Donald Trump, who, through his electoral victory in 2016, which he won (inter alia) thanks to a strategic alliance with the pro-life movement, and thanks to the high-quality judicial appointments he made during his presidency, must now be regarded as the savior of tens of millions of human lives, in the US and (possibly) beyond. Let us just hope for his re-election in 2024, and many more such judicial appointments: the appropriate composition of the Supreme Court is not 5-4 or 6-3 conservative v. activist judges, but 9-0, because the task of a constitutional judge by definition is to be conservative, i.e. to protect and shield the social consensus that is embodied by the constitution and the laws. Whoever wants to change the constitution may try to change it, but should follow the procedures that are provided for to that purpose.

Praise and honor also goes to the millions of pro-life Americans, who for nearly 50 years have never given up, never abandoned their fight for justice and decency, and who yesterday have received the prize for their perseverance. May they bravely, and with new vigor, continue their mission, which is far from over!

By contrast, shame on those who, even through the most heinous and extreme means, have tried to prevent yesterday’s decision from happening. The goings-on of the last weeks have once more shown that the political left in the US and elsewhere will stop at nothing, really at nothing, if only it can help them to achieve their goal of keeping baby-murdering legal. The leaking of the draft decision to POLITICO, probably by a clerk working for one of the three “liberal” (i.e. pro-abortion) judges, if not by one of these three judges him- or herself, was a reckless action that risks undermining the inner workings of the Supreme Court for years to come, if the perpetrator is not found and punished: how can judges work together, if they cannot rely on the confidentiality of their draft opinions? Even worse, however, than what may be considered the misdeed of one individual clerk is the general attitude of the Democrat Party and its leading politicians: not only did they not condemn the leak of the draft opinion, but instead they praised it and openly encouraged targeted public protests against the author of the draft, Justice Samuel Alito, as well as against any other judge who was expected to support his draft, including noisy and aggressive protesting in front of those judges’ private homes, the schools they send their children to, the churches they visit on Sundays. Hardly any politician of the Democrat Party thought it necessary to condemn these clearly illegal actions – on the contrary, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer had already last year singled out two judges, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, targeting them with barely concealed threats of physical violence. It is astounding that this man is still allowed to hold office instead of serving a jail sentence; his words and actions are without doubt far more dangerous and irresponsible than any of the rhetoric deployed by then-President Donald Trump that allegedly encouraged an angry mob to storm the US Capitol on 6 January 2021.

The use of inflammatory language by leading Democrats and the Biden administration’s more or less ostentatious indifference with regard to, if not their unconcealed support illegal actions targeting conservative-leaning members of the judiciary have created an explosive atmosphere in which the assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh can hardly be said to have come as a surprise. Fortunately, the would-be-assassin lost his courage when he saw that there were some policemen guarding Kavanaugh’s house, and he even turned himself in to the police, which leads to believe that he must be a mentally instable person rather than a cold-blooded thug. Yet this scenario, the assassination of one or even two Supreme Court Justices by a confused lonesome killer with ostensibly no links to the Democrat Party or Planned Parenthood, would probably have served the ideal scenario to the political left: after shedding some crocodile’s tears over the unexpected violence in the margins of the “mostly peaceful” pro-abortion protests, they would have happily cashed in the political windfall profit, proceeding to fill the vacancy by appointing (of course with the narrowest possible majority in the Senate) yet another nutcase with the right racial and sexual identity-markers. After the pigmented woman-who-does-not-know-what-a-woman-is, the next appointee would probably be a transgender-person with ethnic roots in the Middle East, but please don’t expect him to have any knowledge of constitutional law because the only thing that counts is that he reliably will try to cast baby-killing as a “right”. Inciting lethal violence against conservative judges, it is to be feared, might have turned out, for the Democrat Party, a far more efficient and easy-to-implement strategy than court-packing. It is however not likely that, just one year and a half after the dubious 2020 Presidential election, the American people would have allowed the power balance to be further tilted in favor of the left as a result of the assassination of a Supreme Court Justice. Had the attempt against Kavanaugh been successful, this might well have triggered a genuine civil war, destroying the United States from within with all the dire consequences this might have had for the entire West at this particular moment in world history.

Good or terrible outcomes often depend on just a modicum of good or bad luck – or, as religious believers would say, on Divine Providence. Fortunately, God has not allowed the intended assassination to happen, and Kavanaugh has lived on to cast a decisive vote that has consigned the “Right to Abortion” to the junk heap of judicial history. It is perhaps not by accident, but again a sign of Divine mercy, that this was allowed to happen on the 24th of June, the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist, who, having recognized and announced his Saviour while he was himself in his mother’s womb, must be considered the patron Saint and protector of all unborn children.

This post already being unusually long, we will follow up with a legal analysis of the Dobbs judgment and its possible implications in the coming days. For now, let us just rejoice and celebrate!