MEPs allied to the baby-killing industry throwing a tantrum

They are really, really angry that the US Supreme Court has empowered the elected representatives of the people to adopt legislation that might result in somewhat reducing the number of abortion, and so they have decided to deal a decisive blow against the pro-life movement …  We have, much to our amusement, learned that a group of extremely radical pro-abortion MEPs, representing less than one percent of the European Parliament’s total membership, has written a  letter to President Roberta Metsola, asking her to ban all “lobbyists linked to radical-conservative NGOs” from the Parliament’s premises.

This initiative is as predictably futile as it is childish. It showcases once again the tyrannical mindset of these anti-human-rights fanatics, their total lack of understanding for basic human rights (the one and only “right” they have ever heard of being a woman’s “right” to have her own progeny killed for whatever reason she wants and without any temporal limitation), and their ignorance of democracy and its rules and procedures. They seriously believe, or and least pretend to believe, that in a democracy they can get their opponents “cancelled” and removed from the scene solely on the grounds that their leader, a man of dubious reputation against whom criminal investigations are pending, has published a “damning report”, as if the opinions this zealous lobbyist of an industrial complex that makes billions by butchering babies and selling their body parts, were the  decisive criterion to judge who has, or who has not, a right to participate in political life.

It is not clear from the letter how precisely they intend to identify the groups or persons whom they want to see banned. But it is significant that they point at this website’s programmatic statement, a document with the title „Restoring the Natural Order”.

AGENDA EUROPE is, of course, pleased that this document, of which we proudly reclaim authorship, is in this way once again brought to the European Parliament’s attention. A vitriolic hate and cancelling campaign by the most aggressive opponents of human rights and democracy currently active in European politics will be understood as a recommendation by more thoughtful persons: if people who kill babies are getting upset about our document, it must be a document that does a good job in explaining why the killing of innocent children has no place in a society that claims to be a beacon of enlightenment and human values.

Readers will find that it provides for a compelling and coherent action program to promote human rights and human dignity – one that is based on the perception that human rights accrue to every human being, not to one privileged class of rights holders that is given a free pass to arbitrarily subjugate another, underprivileged, class. This is precisely why the abortion industry and its lobbyists political allies are so upset by, and afraid of, this document: because it is lucid, coherent, free of apparent self contradictions. As the paper shows, it suffices to follow the science: from the moment of conception, the unborn child is a unique human being, with its own genetic identity. It is not a frog, it is not a worm, it is human. If it is human, it must be treated as human: it has human dignity, it has human rights. No-one has the right to murder it for mere convenience, as suggested by those blathering about “women’s control of their own bodies”.

The paper also shows that the abortionist, the homosexualist, and the eugenicist agendas are part of one and the same ideology: one that seeks to separate the sexual act from procreation, and procreation from the sexual act. But it is precisely the fact that we originate from the loving embrace of a man and a woman rather than from the genetic engineering in a reproduction clinic that accounts for our equal dignity.

We are convinced that many MEPs, upon reading our document, will find the analysis provided by it compelling. Download and read it, it is never too late to learn.