Germany’s new “anti-discrimination” czar is a racist

In a narrow vote, the Bundestag has appointed Ferda Ataman, a writer and “activist”, to be the federal government´s new Special Adviser on Anti-Discrimination.

This appointment is highly controversial, as it raises the question whether what the Federal Government seeks is really someone who will fight racism, or whether the true purpose of this appointment is to promote a new kind of racism. If the latter, Mrs. Ataman is certainly a good choice. A second-generation immigrant (her parents migrated from Turkey to Germany in the 1970s) who grew up in Germany and speaks German fluently, she maintains close links to radical Islamist circles and a deep-rooted hatred against her host country and its culture, both of which she has in the past not made a big effort to conceal. She has a long history of using racial slurs against ethnic Germans (i.e. those who have no migration history like herself), routinely calling them “Kartoffeln” (potatoes) and spreading unfounded accusations of racism. When the Covid-crisis raised concern about a scarcity of ICUs, she famously tweeted that she had “a hunch who will not receive priority treatment”, thus accusing the country’s entire health care system of a racist bias against migrants.

Her long-standing and very successful business model is that of a polarizing agent provocateur: she raises attention by targeting the majority with gratuitous insults and baseless accusations, and then explains negative reactions with the racism of those reacting. It is, of course, totally impossible that she could herself be responsible for any negative reactions she is provoking, since – in her own words – “anti-white racism does not exist, because only white people can be racist”. This collective accusation of evil-mindedness levered against a group of people identified solely by their skin-color is, of course, itself quintessentially racist, but it is the kind of reverse-racism that the political Left, which is currently in charge in Germany, finds perfectly acceptable. As becomes increasingly clear, the so-called “fight against discrimination” is mainly a vehicle to fight against European values, European traditions, and European traditions, which are hated by the political Left because they are impregnated by Christianity.

Just as a matter of precaution, Mrs. Ataman has deleted around 10.000 Tweets from her Twitter account to make it more difficult  for nosy journalists to find out about her own history of hate-speech.

It is unlikely that Mrs. Ataman will use her newly acquired role for any other purpose than to provoke and polarize. Yet for the public this will be a good occasion to learn and understand the true nature of leftist “anti-discrimination policies.