European Parliament votes to abolish Human Rights

Europe has a serious problem with its political elites. If the European Parliament were allowed to make binding decisions on these matters, European citizens would soon have no Human Rights any more.

Following the US Supreme Court’s Decision that the US Constitution does not contain, within “the penumbral fringes of the Right to Privacy”, a fundamental “right” for women to have their offspring murdered before birth, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for the inclusion of just such a “right” into the EU Fundamental Rights Charter.

While the US Supreme Court’s Decision shows that, despite the efforts of well-organized pressure groups financed by the multi-billion baby slaughtering industry,, US society is still capable of correcting its errors and making moral progress, the situation in Europe seems to be the total opposite. The idea that in the Fundamental Rights Charter the Right to Life should be replaced and superseded by a “Right to Kill with Impunity” may seem outlandish, but is apparently capable of winning a majority among the people who claim to be, within the EU’s institutional framework, the “elected representatives of the people. To save the honor of “the people”, it should however be mentioned that the European electorate’s influence over who is allowed to represent them in the EP is rather limited, given that in most European countries their choice is limited to several lists of candidates set up by their respective parties’ secretariats. The only one time European citizens actually have pronounced their political will with regard to abortion, it was to tell the EU that the human embryo is ONE OF US and should thus be awarded the full protection of their human rights. It seems thus that citizens are still less morally disoriented than their political representatives.

Last week’s Resolution will likely go down as the European Parliament’s very own “Dred Scott” Decision – one that will be remembered for centuries as a monument for the moral decay of our continent and its political elites. At a time where a politically impotent EU is facing a multiplicity of crises (such as the war in Ukraine, resulting energy shortages, the decline of the Euro, uncontrolled immigration, etc.), all of which it seems quite unable to solve, and in which by consequence citizens and taxpayers are increasingly doubtfull with regard to the usefulness and legitimacy of the entire European project, the Parliament apparently believes that its embrace of Feminist ideals could somehow restore the European Union’s credibility and attractiveness as a defender of “values”. But rather than promoting values, this newest aberration is simply a declaration of moral bankruptcy.

Like the US Supreme Court’s Dredd Scott Decision of 1857, which legitimized slavery by asserting that black people were “beings of an inferior order … and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect”, the MEPs that have raised their hands to vote for this shameful and abhorrent text are doing exactly the same to unborn children: they define them as beings of an inferior order that have no rights that women are bound to respect. This assertion is indeed the quintessence of the Feminist ideology.

Whoever claims that there is, or should be, a “Right to Abortion, must be believing in one of these two things:

  • Either, contrary to basic scientific knowledge, that the unborn child is something else than a human being,
  • or, contrary to the very idea of equal and unalienable Human Rights, that there is one class of human beings (= women) that, thanks to some kind of moral superiority, has the right to kill other people (= their offspring) with impunity.

Tertium non datur.

Quite tellingly, the European Parliament’s text does not even limit the pretended “Right to Abortion” to any special circumstances (such as rape, incest, a physical malformation of the embryo, or a threat to the pregnant’woman’s health or life), or to a ceartain stage of the pregnancy, but effectively calls for the legalisation  of baby-slaughtering right up until birth. And this text has been voted for not only by the usual extremists of the Far-Left, Left or “Greens”, but also by some self-described “Christian Democrats”.

We live in dreadful times in which an unprecedented moral and intellectual corruption holds sway within our political institutions. As the informed reader knows, the European Parliament’s vote on such matters produces no legal effect. But even if – which is highly improbable – the EU Fundamental Rights Charter were amended in that way, the effect would not be to enact a legally binding “Right to Abortion”, but to totally and irredeemably delegitimize the entire European Union.