This poster depicts what the campaign seeks to style a “lesbian family” with two women and their children.

However, it should be reminded that the two children are not the common progeny of the two women. Setting aside the hypothesis of “reproductive cloning” (which not only is science-fiction, but also would contravene Article 3 of the European Human Rights Charter), each of these two children has a biological father who, together with the biological mother, is responsible to contribute to its subsistence.

Again, therefore, the message conveyed by the poster turns out to be misleading. It is a known fact that the breaking up of their parent’s relationships is a traumatising experience for most children concerned. The assumption that a missing parent could without problem be substituted by the remaining parent’s same-sex partner seems far removed from reality and is not based on any reliable data. At best, it could be described as wishful thinking.

Therefore, what would certainly be best for the two children is to grow up with their biological parents – which would imply that their mother(s) return to their father(s).

But even if, due to circumstances that we are left to guess, this should not be possible, it remains that they, like any other children, have two biological parents that are responsible for them. The children’s perspective is thus not an argument that could justify the necessity of legally recognising “same-sex families”.

As concerns the two women, it suffices to remind of what has been said with regard to “survivor’s pensions”. The granting of common income tax computations is appropriate in cases where, due to its commitment to family work, a person has a limited possibility of earning a salary or acquiring pension rights. The idea that such benefits should b granted indiscriminately to all and every same-sex couples (most of which have double incomes and no children) is absurd. To the least, this poster is manipulative, as it uses a rather exceptional case in order to argue for a general entitlement.