UK Supreme Court: no obligation to bake cake with pro-sodomy-propaganda

The UK Supreme Court has unanimously decided that  the refusal to bake a cake with the message “Support Gay Marriage” on it cannot be qualified as “discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation”.

The judges emphasized the importance of the right to freedom from forced speech, pointing out that “the rights to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and to freedom of expression … include the right not to be obliged to manifest beliefs one does not hold…”. Continue reading “UK Supreme Court: no obligation to bake cake with pro-sodomy-propaganda”


Despite character assassination attempt, Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to US Supreme Court

Activists Demonstrate Against Brett Kavanaugh Nomination At The Supreme CourtThis might be an enduring achievement of the Trump Presidency: after less than two years in office, US President Donald Trump has been able to get a second Justice appointed to the US Supreme Court’s bench – this time filling a post vacated through the resignation of ultra-liberal Justice Anthony Kennedy by a judge with conservative credentials. There is hope that this could shift the supreme judicial instance in the US, which has a strong influence on judicial developments also in Europe, back to sanity. Continue reading “Despite character assassination attempt, Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to US Supreme Court”

At last: Romanians will have their say about sodo-“marriage”

coalitia-pentru-familie_19032018.jpgWhile politicians in the EU were gleeful about the outcome of the Irish referendum that opened the way to sodo-“marriage” on the Emerald Isle, they are far less enthusiastic about the prospect of a referendum on the same subject to be held in Romania. For nearly two years they have done all they could to put pressure on their Romanian peers to prevent the referendum, for which a citizens’ initiative collected more than 3 million signatures in just three weeks (this in a country of 22 million inhabitants!), from taking place. But now it seems that the vote could take place as early as next month. Continue reading “At last: Romanians will have their say about sodo-“marriage””

Catholic Church: in the clutches of sodomite networks

pope_francis_with_cardinal_mccarrick_810_500_75_s_c1.jpgThe abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is reaching a new (even if we abstain from using the term “unprecedented”, given that in the Church’s long history hardly anything is unprecedented) level, with a former nuncio to the US claiming that Pope Francis was fully aware of ex-Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick’s homosexual misconduct at least since June 2013 (i.e. less than three months after his election), but not only failed to take action, but indeed lifted sanctions that had already been imposed against the cardinalatial sex-abuser and made him his adviser on the selection and appointment of future bishops. So far, the Pope has not admitted these damning charges to be true, but he has also not contradicted them. In other words, everyone is free to believe them. Continue reading “Catholic Church: in the clutches of sodomite networks”