ECtHR condemns Russia to compensate terror victims …. but on what basis exactly?

In today’s Chamber judgment in the case of Tagayeva and Others v. Russia , the ECtHR ordered Russia to pay compensation of 3 million Euro to 409 Russian nationals who had either been taken hostage and/or injured in the incident, or are family members of those taken hostage, killed or injured. They made allegations of a range of failings by the Russian State in relation to the attack. Continue reading

The sorry state of the European Parliament following Marin Schulz’s term as President

Now that Martin Schulz is at last gone, the battle for his succession is in full heat. No wonder: the German bulldozer has managed to transform the role of the President of the EP from one in which the incumbent is to ensure that all debates and procedures take place in an orderly and serene way and everyone is treated fairly into one where the President is assuming disproportionate powers, as if he were some kind of head of government. As President, Schulz used all the means that were at his disposal to aggrandize himself, distributing jobs, functions and budgets to his cronies and allies, and limiting the speaking time and access to resources of those who were out of his favour. Given that the Parliament in theory consists of 750 equals, the power he accumulated was quite extraordinary. It is unsurprising that the job that he has re-shaped in this way is now coveted by other politicians of his ilk, such as Continue reading

How the UK can remain in

big-ben-620x349Supposedly by now many Brits who have cast a “Leave” vote in Thursday´s Brexit referendum are beginning to realize what they have done to their country, and regretting it. The Pound is plummeting, Scotland is announcing plans for another independence referendum, Northern Ireland is looking into tho option of joining the Irish Republic (a scenario with potential for a civil war!), Spain is trying to use the situation to get control over Gibraltar, and Messrs Schulz and Juncker, the two clowns heading the European Parliament and the European Commission, are telling David Cameron that they want to hold his request to leave the EU in their hands by next Tuesday at the latest.

The good news is that the UK is not obliged to take any orders from Schulz and Juncker.
Continue reading

EU Court: application to prevent ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” is inadmissible

Following our recent post on ILGA-Europe’s strategy against the pro-family and pro-marriage citizens’ initiative “Mum Dad & Kids”, we have now received information confirming that one important part of this strategy has indeed been implemented … and failed.

As it appears from a notice published on the website of the Court of Justice of the EU, the Court has received an application requesting the annulment of the European Commission’s decision to register “Mum Dad & Kids”, but has declared it “manifestly inadmissible”. Continue reading

Mass-immigration: can we return to rationality and proportionality, please?

The increased presence of Islam in Europe and the fear of mass immigration are leading German politicians to hyperventilate. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and nearly the entire political spectrum to the left of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) try to solve the problem by denying it, claiming that it will be no problem to integrate the one million or more Islamic migrants that have reached the country in 2015, and the many more that are expected to arrive this year.

But the national-conservative “Alternative für Deutschland”, a new political group that has emerged just recently to give a voice to the rapidly increasing Euro-scepticism and concern over uncontrolled mass immigration among the German electorate is right now doing all it can to undermine its own credibility as a possible alternative to Mrs. Merkel’s policy of unrestrictedly open borders. The leader of the group, Frauke Petry, has asserted that the border police should prevent illegal immigration “if necessary through the use of firearms”, and her deputy, MEP Beatrix von Storch, has added that this might also apply to women and children who seek to cross the border illegally. Continue reading

European Commission’s threats against Poland turn into a PR disaster

guenther-oettinger-einAs we  predicted already some weeks ago, liberal media and some politicians are currently running a campaign against the new Polish government, alleging violations of the Rule of Law principle and other EU core values.

The newest episode in this saga is an interview by Commissioner Günther Oettinger, responsible for the “information society” portfolio, in which he criticises the Polish government’s projects for a reform of the public broadcasting company and calls for the European Commission to place Poland under special surveillance, i.e. to trigger a procedure that might ultimately lead to a temporary suspension of Poland’s voting rights under the EU treaty. Continue reading